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Get in touch / "Get in Touch"
28 May, 2019, 16:13
Hi all...and Habari za mchana,

It is amazing that we all have this excellent nTZ website to look at with great opportunities for dialogue with other Members, but very little seems to happen!It is a great shame! The Members list is really full and impressive but such little activity.Many have not been active for 7 years plus.Anyway,not to go on...but if any of you remember me in Tanga between 1953-1961 and Dar-es Salaam between 1963-1965.Also at The Southern Highlands School, (Sao-Hill) between 1957-1960 it would be good to hear from you.I presently live in Gibraltar and Spain and still work at a Race Circuit teaching people to be better drivers or Race-drivers after years of Racing myself.Now retired!!

Very best and Kwa heri,
Simon Watson.