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Arusha School / Re: Old School Mates
16 February, 2012, 10:02
Hi. I was a boarder at Arusha for 6 terms in 1959-60. It seemed repressive to me, in contrast to Iringa (St M & G) which I attended in 1961-2. I have few affectionate memories of it as an institution, though I made some good friends.

The only staff I recall with clarity were the two Joneses: BL (avuncular) and HG (fearsome). BL was a good man. I remember him spending what seemed like an hour kicking a rugby ball way up in the air for 10-year-old me to catch. Either he liked to practice his punting or he saw some illusory talent in me.

Here are some of the contemporaries I remember: Brian Rayment, Peter French, Caroline Miller, Richard Howe, Mark Fourie, Michael Carter, Peter Bird, Andy Hannah, Roger Haggerty, George Legnani, William & Carol Power, James, Claire & Rosemary Goodman, Karsten & Birgit Lund, Paolo Calagna, Michael Afentakis, Stelio Stylianou, Kedagh/Richard von Roretz, Jan van Enemis, Peter Owen-Pawson. I have lost touch with all but one - but would be delighted to hear from anyone who shared those days.