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Mbeya / Re: Quennells at Mbeya School 1949-1961
02 November, 2022, 15:56
Your memories are wonderful to read as I have pretty much the very same memories - playing for hours in those beautiful trees by the sports fields, the fancy dress events that were always happy because it meant you were going home too!! I remember Ms Swift extremely well as she was a favourite teacher, very kind to me and I loved her classes. How marvellous someone else remembers her. Have photos of us on the airstrip about to board the Dakotas to fly home, my Dad was Embakasi Airport Manager, in those days you were almost in touching distance of the planes on the tarmac ! I still remember the smell of the spray in the plane as you entered, always made me feel so sick. I was in Wallington and so remember being hit with the tacki by some horrible matrons. My sister was in the choir and had a blue overdress. Mr Morgan was headmaster when I was there, I remember being shown films in the big hall on a Saturday evening. So so many memories but I absolutely hated going as a boarder, also remember banana fluff as a favourite in the dining room!