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Title: School Reports
Post by: mikewb on 04 September, 2009, 08:48
Well things have gone a little quiet, so here is another topic to talk about. Growing up in Africa when you think about it, we learned to look after our self at a very young age. How many of you have kept any of your old school reports? I have lost some, but still have my first report from the first year in (yes) boarding school. How many kids would survive in school these days as we did in those gone by years.
Title: Re: School Reports
Post by: lollyulyate on 01 October, 2009, 11:03
Sadly with all the moving i did i lost most of Arusha school ones but have possible still one from Loreto Convent, Msongari. Dont know about the boarding side but wish my kids could have had that kind of education & learning to survive...bushwise not streetwise!