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Tengeru / Re: John Minnery
11 June, 2013, 02:44
hello Maria,

I just noticed that you posted a note in November of 2012. Its now June of 2013. Sorry, I go to college- all those school papers, exams what a nightmare. ----- I'm the grandson of Elizabeth Minnery (John Minnery sister). Elizabeth Minnery married Edward Murray (my grandfather)- Son- My Dad is Robert Murray. He married Elizabeth Spiers. Both my parents are from Scotland. Dad is from Johnstone and Mom is from Glasgow. They both immigrated to the US in January 1960. They first lived in New Jersey and later moved to Detroit Michigan, where I was born. I live in the suburbs of Detroit - Macomb Michigan. My father told Us many stories of his uncle John Minnery- his life in Africa. I would love to hear from you and your family. I can be contacted at my email- 67johnmurray@gmail.com 

God bless,
John Murray
Tengeru / Re: John Minnery
16 July, 2011, 00:37
I was reviewing past posted letters- John Minnery- wife died in the US. I remember my dad, Robert Murray said that she was put to rest in Akron Ohio. Robert Murray was a hydraulic pipe fitter and he was installing machinery in automotive plant years ago- late 70's. He tried to look up his relatives, but had no success finding them, he was on business- business first.---John Murray   
Tengeru / Re: John Minnery
08 July, 2011, 04:41
 Hi, My Name John Murray- John Minnery was my dads uncle. My father, Robert Murray has passed a few years back, but I remember some of the stories of his uncle John that lived in Africa. My dad told us of some the stuff that his uncle john would send his mom, Her eyes would light up. Then she would open the box and inside was animal skins - lion, zebra. etc. Grandma would hang them on the wall. My dad lived in Johnstone, Scotland. He came to the US. I would love a copy of my dads uncle John, so I can attach the stories to a face and pass down to my children. Send a email. Would be nice to hear from my dads side of the family. Thanks John Murray