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Title: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: mikewb on 10 October, 2009, 07:35
Did you have any favourite teachers from that time you were in school? I remember Mr BL Jones, who was the Headmaster for a while. He used to teach Scripture and always wrote good things on my school reports. Mr Goswell who was my Teacher, he always made us Laugh and was a fair teacher. Mr Rushbrook, who was head master for a while, I was told off many a time by him in front of the school. I remember we caught a snake one day and he kept it in a glass case. Mrs Rushbrook, she was possesssed, I think she used to hate us. Mr Hamshere, I don't remember to well, but I think he was quiet a gentle man.
Mike Brown
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: lollyulyate on 23 October, 2009, 12:31
Hi Mike
Nice to see you on FB. Cant remember Goswell, Hampshire's  last year was '63 & can remember his nickname was "Hamsandwich"? After that was Rev BL Jones & Mr Rushbrooke.  The only other teachers  i can remember was Ms Parry - PE ,the Swahili teach who smacked our knukles with the thin edge of ruler & an Indian woman forget what she taught but did our class play 1968  as she invited Fay Jefferies & self to tea one Sunday to her flat .Then a grey hair male teach who took us for French i think.
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: Janice Hodges on 17 January, 2010, 13:00
I can remember a lot of the teachers as my mother was school secretary from 1964 to 1966. I started at the school in 1962, and had 2 terms as a boarder 63-64 when my parents moved to Moshi. But from 64 to 66 we lived in a small house in the school grounds. I remember the Goswells, they had a young son, Michael, the Rushbrookes, Ursula Parry (who was a bit eccentric), Irene Purves, Yvonne Stephenson, Mrs Kalogeris. I was at the school when Mr Hamshere left and handed over the tackie to Mr Bryn Jones in assembly. But I cannot remember who my class teachers were. I think it was Mrs Bradley in standard 5. Can anyone else remember? I can remember the Swahili teacher because I did not know any Swahili so she used to get cross with me. Mr Bryn Jones was a great headmaster. I still have the autograph he wrote for me in my book. He wrote it in Welsh so I have not got a clue what it says. Mrs Burnett was the art teacher and she used to do lovely ink and water colour pictures for the girls in their autograph books.
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: mikewb on 18 January, 2010, 03:24
Yes I remember the Swahili teacher, we all used to mess around when she took the class. I don't think a lot of us took the class too seriously, that's why she got mad with us.
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: jenchrysalis on 15 March, 2010, 10:08
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Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: mikewb on 16 March, 2010, 08:00
Hi thanks very much, but I turned out just fine and my kids are fine too.
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: Mike Goswell on 09 September, 2011, 15:44
Hi Janice

I'm Mike Goswell and I was over the moon to find this forum and to see that you still remember me and my family after all these years. I was only four years old when my father taught at Arusha School, but I still remember the day when I broke your Mum's bedside lamp and she said she had a 'bone to pick with me'!! In my innocence I asked if it was chicken! My father is still around and when I spoke to him about finding this website he asked whether Elsie is too. Dad clearly remebers you and Mike Brown, and I will let him know of the other names Ive seen on the forum. If anyone has any messages or questions please let me know.

Asante sana!

Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: Des Bailey on 22 September, 2011, 11:49
Hi Mike, I remember you were only a few years old when your father (and the Rushbrookes) came to Arusha School. You had an endless amount of "baby sitters" on the playing fields in the afternoons. I remember your father took us for Rugby.
Des Bailey
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: Ashdown on 05 February, 2012, 23:10
I remember Goswell playing rugby on a pitch somewhere away from the school and being something of the star - mainly because he was the only adult! As for the Rushbrookes - a living nightmare, both of them
Title: Re: Arusha School Teachers
Post by: Val on 07 June, 2014, 20:34
I was at the school 69-72. From my old school reports, the following teachers were around (excuse the spelling, but the handwriting isn't always clear):

(1969) R Kassam - Form Teacher, Mr BL Jones - Headmaster
(1970) Irene Smith - Form Teacher
(1970) R Nettelbeck - Form Mistress, she taught us the "Kookabarra" song, Mr DC Nettelbeck/Laidlaw - Headmaster/s?
(1971) A Gattnaid - Class Teacher, Laidlaw - Headmaster?
(1971) Miss Boddy - Class Teacher, Laidlaw - Headmaster?
(1972) Mr WL Cairney - took us for swimming - passed my Beginners certificate doing doggy paddle!
(1972) Miss G Allen - says she knew me since 1969, and I was in the School Brownie Pack.
(1972) M Lawery - Class Teacher, D Wilhoft - Class Teacher, Mr Nyakinsgani - Headmaster

I noticed from the net that a DC Nettelbeck is currently still in education in Australia (he must have been a very young headmaster!)