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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya memories
21 September, 2011, 16:59
Have just come across this site - lovely to hear all your news and confirms some of my memories.
I was in Miss Drew's dorm - I too remember the tacky and the naked line up to share a bath and washing hair with soap (no shampoo).
Also remember the river walks, eating flowers! 
Smack baby's bottom (pink blancmange)  - not been able to eat it since, the banana fluff too.  Being made to eat everything by the seniors on the table.  Made to drink milk at break and I don't like milk!
Was in Miss Steer's class.  In the Brownies, I think I was a Gnome and Miss Drew was Brown Owl.
We lived in Lindi and we flew to Mbeya.  Had to take a packed lunch and remember dropping my sandwiches on the tarmac just before boarding the plane.
uniform as I remember was grey blazer, hat and khaki (am I right there?).
Wasn't the favourite school  psalm - I will lift up mine eyes to the hills ......
Getting letters from home was exciting but a tearful experience the first couple of times.
I too remember the German nurse and the gentian violet if you had a scratch.  Had to spend a few days in sick bay there too, cannot remember why, probably sore throat.
I remember Heather Hetherington.   I love the letter that someone has copied to the site - I too have some of my old letters and they are much the same.  We had our letters checked and corrected though.
Remember skipping at playtimes.  Also playing in the fir trees until we were stopped from playing in them, I guess because there were problems around the area.