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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School
« on: 15 July, 2010, 08:57 »

This site brings back memories, some good, some not so good.
Mrs Mcbride making me eat porridge with salt, telling me that is the way scots eat it.
Miss Jamieson was the matron in our dorm.
Lady teacher marrying the maintenance man in the assembly hall, whole school went and I believe old woffler did the service. Could be wrong on that.
Making propellers, making boats from seed cases to float in the river garden, getting permission to climb the water tower (no H&S then), swapping sweets with a girl friend.
 Our parents sent a supply of sweets to last the term, I think the sweets were issued on Saturdays.
Sunday evening, the seniors all sitting in wofflers house while he read to us.
In my mind I can still see the chair we were bent over for the cane. Trying to get rid of the tears before going back to the dorm to show the resulting welts.
I was in Miss Walkers class, then got moved to Mr Wrights, a man I always wanted to meet again when I had grown up. It was nothing for him to bash your head down onto the desk or lift you by a lock of hair and clout you.
Climbing the peak and drinking from a pipe stuck into a hillside, some sort of mineral water I think.
Dinky toys on string being pulled along our roads in a donga, damming it with stones and mud in the rains.
My last term there coincided with wofflers retirement, I would be grateful if anyone could put a date to it.
I could go on a bit now I have started, new memories keep coming up. Another time maybe. Alex Davidson

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