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Mbeya / Mbeya memories
« on: 29 March, 2011, 08:53 »
I have only just discovered this wonderful site and would like to add my memories.

I used to be SHARON STARTUP... now Bernhardt living in Cape Town.

Definitely BIG UGGY - I used to spend hours up that tree just sitting and staring.  I was in Livingstone House - the Yellow one - I remember a surly matron that seemed to believed that constipation would kill me and she used to make me sit on the loo for hours - until I eventually lied and told her that I had 'been'.  I remember an annual outing to the top of the hill to have a picnic.  The roller skating on the pathways through the firs, there was also a cemented area for us to use - I was a whizz and, of course, the hula-hooping!  The local village kids used to bring chameleons and swap them for our weekly tuck... I remember peanut brittle bars from the tuck shop... if I hadn't swapped it for a chameleon.  My best friend was Carol Jackson... I also remember Stewart Reynolds and Gordon Kent, who I thought were quite cool.  I was kicked out of the Brownes because I always arrived late.  I also remember the journeys in a rickety old bus from Dar es Salaam via Dodoma and Iringa.  I remember Open Day when our parents would come to visit... I was also at Oyster Bay School and St Joseph's in Dar.  My parents later moved to Kenya where I went to Loreto Convent, Valley Road... thereafter Uganda when I went to finish my schooling at a girl's boarding school in Bristol.

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