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Dodoma European School / Re: Dodoma European School
« on: 16 October, 2011, 23:43 »
hi, i am rajneesh, i was in stockley school from 1975-77. the haedmaster during that period ws mr. perini, an australian and our class teacher/ maths teacher was miss. maben, a nice irish lady.

i m aactually looking for my friends of that period.


Yes, Hello Rajneesh! I was your classmate and stayed at the boarding house with Miss. Maben in the 75-76 school year. I remember trading stamps, walking to school with Paul and Marcel, scaring the ravens away at lunch time, and writing a lot with fountain pens (copying from large chalk boards). Have a Facebook nickname of tropicalescape. Those days the play yard was sand as it is so dry there. On weekends we road home to Mvumi in a very fully packed land rover. I see that Stockley has a new name now. Think someone should start a Facebook fan page for the school Alumni! Darrell

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