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Mbeya / Girl Guides at Mbeya school
« on: 28 November, 2011, 22:24 »
I found this picture of the guides taken in 1956 and have put some names that I can remember and question marks that I hope others can fill in. I can remember the faces very well - I think the girls either side of Fiona Silcock are sisters, susan on the left and Judith o the right but I can't remember the surname.

The other pictures are from Dodoma. One at a nativity play at the kindergarten ( I am on the far right front row standing and I think Jack Dobson is in the front somewhere and Margaret Gillett is in the front row standing second on the left.

The other photo is my 5th birthday party and I think a couple of the kids went to Mbeya later but the memory has gone.

Keep well

Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School
« on: 28 November, 2011, 06:22 »
Well I recently found this entertaiing site - what wonderful memories!! I also remember Sister von Gepard "haf you done your big jobs today" was her warcry as I was in the sick bay for a while with hepatitis. I remember at lunch times sitting at the long tables with a teacher at the head and after we'd all eaten they'd bring out the cheddar cheese and a slice of bread and we all liked it when certain teachers would carefully divide the bread into 8 small pieces with a tiny bit of cheese for each of us, while otheres would sit and munch it all by them self with 8 pairs of hungrey eyes watching. I have 3 dogs who do that and I have to stop myself from giving in with tidbits so they don't get fat. The houses we had were Stanley (blue) Burton (green) and Livingstone (yellow) I guess they must have changed the names after I left in 1957. I remember the school motto  Levavi Oculos "I will lift up mine eyes ..............unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Not sure that it ever did come when needed, but the thought was there!
Great to hear it all again.

Mbeya / Names I remember from Mbeya School 1951 to 1957
« on: 28 November, 2011, 04:23 »
Well I've been reading all the memories posted on this site and i've been thinking about the people I knew there.
Thelma Cank
Margaret Gillett
Fiona Silcock
Willie Mier
Ruston Thompson
Veronica Rothbletz
Deanne Gilmore
Yvonne Gilmore
Ferdi Warwick
Nikki Popoff
Pat (with dog)
The Lagoblas sisters Titsa, Rita,
Veronika Little
Lesley Nichols
Anne Humphries ( who lives on a sheep farm in New Zealand)
Vivien Chapman
John Cain brother Billy ( I was very much enamoured of John who was my boyfriend)
Graham mountain + twin ? + sister
Miss White, Music teacher - banged my head against the wall in violin lessons
Miss Lamont
Mrs Charlotte Bonning
Mr. Wallington
Mr. Francis
Miss Brown, brownies and guides

I remember it was a sin to call the boys by their first names and vice versa. There was also Mr. McCreary who taught latin who had a little boy called Crispin who we cruelly called 'Dustbin'

I remember all too well the 2 canes in the sofa between the seat and back cushions and the first time I got the 'cuts' was my first or second day and there were peach trees along the main drive before they built the new hall and I climbed up and took a peach only to hear Wallington bellow out from his study "Anders come here" and he took me into his study and told me to feel for the canes and to choose one, either a whip or a stick. I thought the stick looked a little more civilised than the whip and chose that and got  couple of whacks with it which left a bruise. The next time I went for the cane (and there were several times) I chose the whip which stung for a while but healed up quicker. I remember the girls got the cane on the bare bottom but I think the boys got it through their shorts.

I think the cruelest thing was the anticipation where we had to line up outside his office after lunch so sometimes you had to wait from the afternoon the day before until the punishment was meted out.
Anyway after a couple of years I'd had enough of the canings and one time I didn't turn up for it. I saw Wallington riding around the hockey field on his bike and he rode up to me and asked why I hadn't turned up for the caning and I said I wasn't planning to ever turn up again and he said OK and that was that - can't think why I hadn't spoken up before.
Can you imagine that sort of treatment happening today?????

I remember the birthday parties at tea time and what a nice thing it was to be invited which must have been awkward for the birthday child as there were only 12 guests allowed. My birthday being in August was always in the holidays so I never had the pleasure of reciprocating invitations.

I remember Mrs Bonning reading to us at bed time and her friend Miss. Lamont. I heard a while ago that Miss Lamont later married Mrs. Bonnings brother and they live in New Zealand

I seem to have drawn a total blank about the play people are talking about but we went to England for 6 months home leave in about 1953 so maybe it was performed at that time.
I have attached some pictures - does anyone remember when Princess Margaret visited?

If anyone remembers me I'd love to catch up. I live in Australia now with my husband and we have 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren.

  Kwaheri - or as we say in Oz Hooroo!

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