Author Topic: Life in Tanganyika - Letters and Photos  (Read 5964 times)

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Life in Tanganyika - Letters and Photos
« on: 07 June, 2010, 20:09 »
My Father, Melvyn (Mel) Thompson, travelled to Tanganyika in 1936 as a young geologist.  He met my mother, Winona Wessels, in Geita and were married a few months later in August 1940.  I have a collection of their letters from 1934 (Melvyn was still at University in Canada) until 1965 when they repatriated to Canada.  I have begun to upload these letters and photos to - if you are interested be sure to blog your thoughts on the site...access to the letters is via a page link at the top right hand menu bar. 
Chuck Thompson

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Re: Life in Tanganyika - Letters and Photos
« Reply #1 on: 03 August, 2010, 19:51 »
Hi Chuck,
I and Brian Townson knew Ruston (and Clinton) at Mbeya with many memories. Brian married Ineka who knew Ruston at Iringa. When Ineka and Brian had their own boy, they named him Ruston in memory of Ruston and his tragic loss. We all live in UK now, although my youngets daughter is settled in Toronto where we visit regularly. It has been great reading and remembering times past. Best Regards and thanks for your efforts. Alec.