Author Topic: ‘An Affair With Africa, Tanganyika Remembered’  (Read 4603 times)

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The author Donald Barton writes an account of the varied and often colourful aspects of colonial administration in rural Tanganyika. He was a Colonial Officer for the decade preceeding independence and worked in the Kondoa, Masasi and Ukerewe districts. The book should appeal to both serious and casual students of African affairs and history.

The book is published by Authors Online Ltd and is available in e-book format at

I purchased a soft cover version on line but not sure of the site I used.

This book was of twofold interest to me since my Godfather, Douglas Turner, married the author's sister and Donald Barton and his wife were good  friends of my parents.


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Re: ‘An Affair With Africa, Tanganyika Remembered’
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this book is written with soul i read this