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Njombe - 1960 - where you in the area?

Started by Sue (nee Nicholson), 26 January, 2010, 20:26

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Sue (nee Nicholson)

Can somebody help please!
I'm looking for anybody who lived in the Njombe area around 1959-1960.  My parents (English) were living there at that time with their two small children.  My brother had been born at the Peramiho Mission near Songea in 1958 and I was born in Njombe in March 1960.  Does anyone have any idea as to where in Njombe I might have been born?
My parents names were John and Anne Nicholson and my father was working as a Veterinary Field Officer.  I believe a boy called Samson helped my mother in the house.  Does anyone remember them?
Thanks.  Sue


I was in Njombe 1963 but don't recall any of these persons

Andrew Ashdown


I was born at the German Mission near Njombe (Uwemba) in 1952, so I assume that it was the local centre of excellence in these matters!  Their website is at http://www.peramiho.org/en/abbey/uwemba.html
My parents were living in Njombe at the time (John and Dorothy Carlin).