Through Maasailand: To the Central African Lakes and Back

Thomson, Joseph



There is a web site at Which contains the full text of the Thompson Book at:

The site hasn't been updated for some time. And I've sometimes been unable to access it because it runs out of data transfer quota. But if you get in, you will also find copies of several interesting Maasai related documents, including

An Administrative Survey of the Masai Social System by H. A. Fosbrooke from Tanganyika Notes and Records, December 1948, Number 26.

Vocabulary of the Enguduk Iloigob by Revd. James Erhardt

Maasai Agreement 1904

Maasai Agreement 1911

High Court Judgement - Maasai Land Case 1913

Die V�lkerst�mme im Norden Deutsch=Ostafrikas, Kapitel VI., Die Masai und Wandorobbo von Max Wei�. Pp., 317- 410. Verlag von Carl Marschner, Berlin, 1910.

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