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O'Rourke,P.J. Eat the Rich, 1998
Page Number: 184
Extract Date: Feb 1997

One swell coffee plantation

I did see one swell coffee plantation, Gibb's Farm, at the foot of the Ngorongoro Crater. This is run by English people and has thousands of neatly clipped coffee bushes lined in parade file. A smoothly raked dirt road winds up through the property with woven-stick barriers stuck in the drain gullies to hinder erosion. A profusion of blossoms surrounds the main house. The very picture of a Cotswold cottage yard has been somehow created from weird, thorny African plants which need to be irrigated every minute. The English will garden the ash heaps of Hades if hell lets them.

I suppose the farms of Tanzania could all look like Gibb's Farm, but it turns out that Gibb's Farm doesn't make any money as a farm but prospers because upscale tourist lodgings have been installed. So there's tourism.

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