Axed Kenyan contractor paves way for better job

Irene Mbakilwa

2000 April 29

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Irene Mbakilwa Axed Kenyan contractor paves way for better job, 2000 April 29
Extract Author: Irene Mbakilwa
Extract Date: 2000 April 29

Axed Kenyan contractor paves way for better job

Rehabilitation of the road from Makuyuni to Ngorongoro Crater is due for completion early June this year, the acting Arusha Regional Engineer, John Kalupale has said.

Mr. Kalupale said recently that work done by the Italian contractor, Stirling International is promising and that within eight weeks from now the job would be done.

'We are so impressed with the work done by the contractor since he took over the contract early this month,' he said.

Stirling International took over the contract in December last year after the termination of the Kenyan contractor, Charangsons who failed to meet some of the conditions agreed in the contract.

Last year, Engineers Registration Board (ERB) under its chairman Mr. John Masuha visited some of the engineering projects in the region including a road project and discovered that the road construction by Charangsons was far below their expectations and hence halted their contract.

According to ERB, Charangsons were said to be incompetent, and used outdated equipment.

Due to its failure, the company was fined a 10 percent penalty of Tsh. 76,928,750 for the whole contract. They also lost retention cash worth Tsh.42,652,786 and liquidated damages for 14 days which cost Tsh.4,798,634.90. The European Union (EU) granted the money for the emergency work to construct the 77km road.

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