Rehema's Journey : A Visit in Tanzania

Rehema's Journey : A Visit in Tanzania

Margolies, Barbara A.

1997 (reprint)


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From Publishers Weekly

Nine-year-old Rehema, the heroine of this full-color photo-essay, leaves her home high up in the Pare Mountains of eastern Tanzania for the first time ever when her father takes her to Arusha City and the world-famous game preserve at Ngorongoro Crater. Rehema is fascinated by Arusha's streets; Western readers will be equally fascinated by Rehema's family farm, where maize, bananas and beans grow. The visit to the Crater includes sightings of exotic wildebeests, cheetahs, a black rhinoceros, but most novel of all are the introductions to other tribes. A Waarusha girl gathers firewood, just like Rehema, but she lives in a round house with a thatched roof; a boy has painted his face white as part of a coming-of-age ceremony. The Maasai warriors rub red ochre ("a mineral from the earth mixed with animal fat") into their hair, and wear jewelry; their houses are made of sticks and grass, and are covered with cow dung. Similarly informative and colorful details, smoothly woven into the text, highlight every page of a book that amply responds to the demand for engaging multicultural nonfiction. Ages 5-9.

Amazon Reviewer: A reader

I bought this book for our young children to prepare them before traveling to Tanzania. This book, with its photographs depicting a nine-year-old girl, her home and family, and her experiences on a journey to the Ngorongoro crater, provided a concise, but accurate view of rural, city, and tribal life in Tanzania, as well as some of the animals that are native to the country's wildlife reserves. This book is a wonderful introduction to the similarities and differences of African life for children of many cultures.

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