The Ngorongoro Story

The Ngorongoro Story

Lithgow, Tom



Arusha Times, 9 Oct 2004(issue 342)

At last, for the first time, the fascinating history of the Ngorongoro Crater has been published. Titled "The Ngorongoro Story", by Tom Lithgow.

It covers the true history, previously unwritten, to establish the Crater and is one of the most gripping game conservation stories of the last century.

Those throwing their hats into the ring have included a formidably-imposing German farmer, a trigger-happy Scots baronet and an ex-British army captain with most reckless ideas on how to photograph dangerous animals. Such interlopers have had to contend with the Maasai who believed that all cattle should be theirs: conservationists who wish to preserve the Ngorongoro as a natural habitat and, of course, the animals themselves inhabiting the rich grasslands and permanent water of the Crater floor in teeming numbers.

The Ngorongoro Story traces the history of the Crater from the pioneering days of the early explorers through two world wars up to recent international efforts to save the natural habitat for posterity.

Tom Lithgow is the ideal person to tell this tale. He has spent most of his life on the edge of the Crater, and his multi-faceted existence as farmer, safari guide, hunter, journalist and campaigner, has given him a unique insight into the events that have influenced the destiny of the Ngorongoro and the fascinating personalities who have shaped these events.

Many of the finest photographs ever published in Africa, by the late Hugo Van Lawick, the late Mohamed Amin, and David Pluth, illustrate this unique story of one of the most notable of nominated world heritage sites.

Book signing by Tom Lithgow will be held at Cultural Heritage in Arusha on Saturday 23rd October 2004 from 10 am onwards.

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