Arusha for an African Holiday


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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936
Extract Date: 1936

Motor Arrangements at Arusha Season June/October and December/March. European . . .

Season June/October and December/March. European clothes can be worn - a sun helmet is essential.

Chauffeurs' Expenses. Shs 20/- for each night spent away from Arusha must be added.

Booking Instructions. Visitors should endeavour to communicate their requirements to Ray R. Ulyate, who is proprietor of the various hostels on the scenic route and who undertakes to provide transport at the prices stated in the schedule.

Postal Address PO Box 88 Arusha [the New Arusha Hotel]

Route 4..

Lake Manyara, Babati, Hanang, M'bulu, Oldeani, Ngorongoro and back to Arusha. (Circular Tour).

This tour is known as the 'scenic route'. The road has only recently been opened and the trip is strongly recommended, affording as it does the opportunity of visiting Lake Manyara, teeming with bird life, and Ngorongoro, possibly the world's greatesr crater, 12 miles in diameter, 35 miles in circumference, 2000 feet deep and containing about 100,000 head of big game. It is an outstanding sight which should not be missed when visiting East Africa. Marvellous views extending over many miles of the Great Rift Wall can be obtained.

Distance 395 miles

Time 3 days

Fares (including meals and accommodation)

1 person �20/15/0

2 persons �11/17/0 each

3 persons �8/18/9 each

Route 9.

Arusha to Ngorongoro camp and back.

The rest camp erected by the Tanganyika Government on the rim of and overlooking this crater is at an altitude of 8,000ft. and affords an excellent opportunity of seeing the greatest spectacular sights in the whole of East Africa.

(see remarks under route 4)

Total Distance 230 miles

Time 2 days

Fares, including accomodation and meals at the camp

1 person �12/15/0

2 persons �7/0/0 each

3 persons �5/2/0

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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936
Extract Date: 1936

Ngorongoro - the game filled crater World's most magnificent Natural Game . . .

World's most magnificent Natural Game Reserve - Home of Countless Herds.

The world to-day is, for the most part, settled and civilised. The jaded town-dweller,seeking relief from jangled nerves, looks in vain at the merits of this or that tourist playground whose attractions are so temptingly displayed in muli-coloured pamphlets. Everywhere he sees the same jostle of civilization, the same unending stream of motor traffic, the same crowded beaches.

What he longs for is to get off the beaten track, to find a place where life flows gently by, where he can combine the charm of the unkown with the comfort which modern travel can bring ; where he can revel in the joys of 'safari', or rest his eyes on the illimitable vastness and grandeur of Africa's horizons ; where he can enjoy the invigourating crispness of Africa's highlands, vivid with sunshine, and sense the glory of the African night.

To such a man East Africa makes its confident appeal, offering him all and more than his heart desires. And in no part of East Africa is there to be found, combined within such a short range, so many of the delights of an African holiday as at Arusha. Nestling in delightful surroundings at the foot of Mount Meru (14,995ft), cooled by breezes from the ice-packs of Kilimanjaro (19,300ft), the highest mountain in Africa, and within easy reach of the world's greatest big-game districts, it is an ideal centre from which to see the real Africa.

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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936

Photos in the brochure

Photos in the brochure (by Frank Anderson) include Lion, Lake Balangda, Giraffe, Buffalo, Masai warriors

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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936
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photo of Lions on the Serengeti, plus a car

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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936
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Photos of Lions on the Serengeti, by Captain Ritchie

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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936
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Ngorongoro the Game Filled Crater

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Arusha for an African Holiday, 1936
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Extract Date: 1936

The Effect of Civilization in the Land of Big Game

The Effect of Civilization in the Land of Big Game

Dear Sir,

Civilization is rapidly extending its influence throughout the world, bringing new comforts and pleasures, at the same time many of the old things which have existed throughout the ages are quickly giving place to the new order. Has the thought ever occurred to you that in a comparatively short space of time, wild life as we know it, in this generation, will have ceased to exist. Undoubtably with a certain amount of care and preservation it will be kept going artificially for a space of time, but at its best it will only be a temporary measure.

This generation to which you and I belong is going through a period of transition, a period which will stand out in the history of the world, where the last of the old and the beginning of the new overlap.


In many ways it is fortunate that this is so, for we have the opportunity which all the money in the world will not buy for future generations, of visiting Africa, and seeing for ourselves the wildlife as it has existed throughout the ages. This opportunity is available to this generation, after that, civilization willhave extended its arms and embraced all,and these things will be no more. On the other hand civilization and all that it means has made it possible for us to travel witht he maximum of comfort to Arusha, in East Africa, and accompish in a few weeks at a comparitively small cost what only a few years ago would have necessitated a long and tedious journey running into many months. Places can now be visited in a few hours as compared to weeks spent on the same thing only a few short years ago.

Arusha is in the centre of this big game country and you should arrange to go there for your next trip. You will find it so utterly different to all you have seen in the past, and it will certainly afford you something to talk about.

Experienced White Hunters can always be obtained and you need bring nothing more than your clothing, or if desired, a favourite rifle. Everything else can be obtained on the spot at much less cost than the usual outfit can be bought for in countries where it is not in demand.

Assuring you that everything will be done to make your visit one which you will always remember, and which will afford you the utmost pleasure and interest.

We are, dear Sir,

Yours faithfully,

The Management,


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