ZIFF-Zanzibar International Film Festival

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ZIFF-Zanzibar International Film Festival,
Extract Date: June 28 2003

UAACC Sculptures & Paintings June 28 - July 12 Customs House

This year the United African Alliance Community Centre (UAACC) brings selected work by the following artists.

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Charlotte Hill O'Neal is a Resident Artist and Programs Director of the UAACC. She is also Deputy Chairperson of BAME, the committee to Beautify Arusha and its Environment; Chairperson of the Arusha - Kansas City Sister City Committee; and a member of the Rotary Club of Arusha. Charlotte is a self-taught artist of many years experience specializing in papier-mache� sculpture; acrylic painting; art quilts and multi medium compositions. She has exhibited her work both in Africa and America since 1987 in both solo and group exhibitions. Charlotte is also a published poet and writer.

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