Dr. W.L. Abbott

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Rushby and Swynnerton Tanganyika Notes and Records No. 22
Page Number: 18
Extract Date: 1888,1889

Abbott's Duiker

[Abbott, Dr. W.L.] collected an adult male [Abbott's Duiker] on Kilimanjaro between 1888 and 1889, and for twenty years this specimen remained unique in collections.

Extract ID: 10

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Fosbrooke, H.A. The Early Exploration of Kilimanjaro: A Bibliographical Note
Page Number: 13
Extract Date: 1889

Dr. Abbott and Mr. Ehlers

In 1889 Dr. Abbott and Mr. Ehlers made an attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, concerning which I can find no detailed documentation. Meyer (op. cit p. 133) uses their camp, which he places above the forest at 9,480 feet so their attempt must have preceded Meyers, who states that Ehlers put forward a claim which he later retracted, to have reached the summit.

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