J.A. Hunter

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Mercer, Graham; Photographs by: Amin, Mohamed and Willetts, Duncan The Beauty of Ngorongoro

camped in Ngorongoro Crater

[J.A.Hunter] a young Scotsman, camped in Ngorongoro Crater, as a guide and professional Hunter to two American clients. Whilst in the Crater, Hunter paid a visit to a dilapidated farmhouse on the hillwash of the Crater wall, between the wall itself and the Lerai Forest, and almost directly below the site of the present Crater and Wildlife lodges which stand on the Crater rim.

The neglected farm contained little but a pack of equally neglected Australian Kangaroo hounds. Their master, Captain G.H.R. (George) Hurst, had moved into Ngorongoro as a rancher soon after the First World War, hoping to persuade the Custodian of Enemy Property to let him buy a farm on the far side of the Crater, appropriated from its German owner.

His dream of living out his life in that wild and glorious arena was brought to a very tragic end, for his application for legal ownership was turned down on favour of Sir Charles Ross. Hurst, perhaps to alleviate his disappointment, set off on a hunting safari and was killed by an elephant, on the Tanganyika coast.

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Fosbrooke, Henry Ngorongoro: The Eighth Wonder
Page Number: 028b
Extract Date: 1923

Hunter: professional hunter!

Hunter, professional Hunter to the Livermore expedition. published his recollections in 1954.

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Fosbrooke, Henry Ngorongoro: The Eighth Wonder
Page Number: 028a
Extract Date: 1928

Crater visitors

Norman B Livermore, American businessman, visited the Crater with Andrew Newbury, with J.A.Hunter as their professional Hunter, assisted by A.P.de K.Fourie.

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1952 Publishes: Hunter, J.A. Hunter

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1954 Publishes: Hunter, John A. Tales of the African Frontier

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