Don Ker

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Turner, Myles My Serengeti Years
Page Number: 034c
Extract Date: 1928

Paul Hoeffler

Another book which gives an idea of the early hunting days in the Serengeti is Africa Speaks by Paul L Hoefler [the late Don Ker, of Ker and Downey was a lorry driver on the hunt described.] Hoefler�s book is the story of a hunting and filming safari in the Serengeti in 1928, and seems fairly typical of the exploitation of that area in the days before conservation.

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Turner, Myles My Serengeti Years
Page Number: 044
Extract Date: 1956 November

First Safaris from Banagi

I had just arrived at Banagi in November 1956 ....

One of my first safaris was to accompany the Professor [Pearsall] on his surveys in the Western Corridor. His safari was conducted by Don Ker, the well-known professional Hunter, and always one of the Serengeti�s most ardent supporters. Also on this safari were Hugh Elliott (later Sir Hugh), Dr. P.J Greenway the eminent East African botanical expert, and G.H. Swynnerton, Chief Game Warden of Tanganyika.

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Allan, Tor Ndutu memories
Page Number: b
Extract Date: 1960�s

Three causeways

Another bit of trivia for you: Sid Downey, Donald Ker and Elizabeth Sanger each donated 2,000/- for the construction of three causeways across the Seronera River to allow visitors access into and out of Park HQ at Seronera. That was a huge amount of money then. Anyway, back to my story��.

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