Father Irioneo Maggioni

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Luhikula, Gratian Tourist Guide to Tanzania
Extract Date: 1957

three vine seedlings

A Passionist Father of the Bihawana Mission near Dodoma, planted three vine seedlings out of curiosity. Now [1991], over 300 acres are under cultivation

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Extract Author: Daniel Benno Msangya, Dar es Salaam
Page Number: 03
Extract Date: 1957

Erengo Maggion experiments

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In 1957, another priest, Erengo Maggion, who was transferred to Bihawana, then the Catholic headquarters of the Diocese of Dodoma, made another experiment which was considered successful and encouraged the missionaries to construct a small plant - winery - which still exists.

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Amin, Mohamed; Willetts, Duncan and Marshall, Peter Journey Through Tanzania
Page Number: 110


Vines were first intoduced into Tanzania in 1938 by the Holy Ghost Fathers near Kondoa. In 1957 Passionist Father Irioneo Maggioni, of the Bihawana Mission, planted near Dodoma, three vine seedlings out of curiosity. They proved such a success that today [1984] some 2,980 acres of vineyards are under cultivation around the new capital.

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