A.R. Siedentopf

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1947 Publishes: Siedentopf, A.R. The Last Stronghold of Big Game

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Fosbrooke, Henry Ngorongoro: The Eighth Wonder
Extract Author: Siedentopf, A.R.
Page Number: 099
Extract Date: 1947

The Last Stronghold of the Big Game

(No relation to the Siedentopf brothers).

In a contemporary [1947] account of the clearing of the Oldeani coffee shambas:

'All the other game learns quickly that it is best to avoid contact with man, and changes its trail accordingly. Only the Rhino persists in the precedence of the right of way. So the stupid beast goes on stamping through the fields and flattening time and again the tender coffee seedlings which the farmer replaces meticulously day after day. Then comes the hour when the planter's cup of wrath overflows and the bully gets himself shot.'

Fosbrooke, quoting from The Last Stronghold of the Big Game

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