John Mulholland

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 046a
Extract Date: 1907

Arusha in 1907

When Kenyon Painter had first arrived at Arusha by ox wagon and mules back in 1907, the town boasted one tiny hotel, known by the name of its Jewish owner. Bloom's. Bloom's was nothing more than a whitewashed, mud-brick building with a roof of corrugated iron sheeting. It had a dozen bedrooms, a chintzy lounge, and a bar cum dining room overlooking a fast snow melt stream called the Themi River. Sunburned German settlers routinely gathered for schnapps and songs on the verandah. The few British residents slouched in for pink gins much as they did in the more sumptuous surroundings of the Norfolk in Nairobi.

Adjacent to the hotel was John Mulholland's Store, which dealt in everything from rhino horn and ivory tusks to trophies of every sort, along with the best groceries in town. He also sold rifles, pistols, likker, vegetables and tinned goods, tents, bedding, mosquito nets, pots and pans, saddles and tack. Arusha was made up of a few modest dwellings, a telegraph office, a couple of rickety Indian-owned mud dukas with false storefronts, a German blacksmith, livery stables, and half a dozen shops owned by Germans, Greeks, and South Africans trading in farm implements, seed beans, cattle, and goatskins. In the town lived several hundred Africans, mostly members of the Wa-Arush, a mixture of intermarried Masai and Meru tribesmen who were sedentary subsistence agriculturalists growing bananas, corn, and cassava. Surrounding the town were German-developed small holdings carved out of nothing and growing everything from cereals to cherries, apples, citrus, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, and rubber.

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Arusha: A Brochure of the Northern Province and its Capital Town
Page Number: 04a
Extract Date: 1929

The New Arusha Hotel

photo of the New Arusha Hotel in a clear setting, with cars parked oustide.

Beside the Hotel door there is signage for 'Brown and Barratt'

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Arusha: A Brochure of the Northern Province and its Capital Town
Page Number: 06
Extract Date: 1929

John Mulholland

Correspondence PO Box 17 Arusha

London Agents: Davis and Soper Ltd. 54 St. Mary Axe, E.C.3

High Class Groceries, Provisions, Wines and Spirits,

Cigarettes, Tobacco and Cigars


Two words must be introduced to describe, what, under the heading Groceries and Provisions we offer -

QUALITY and PURITY are absolute essentials, and we aim only to give such goods as comply with these conditions.


HAM & BACON. We are expert in the handling of Provisions, and by selling only the Best, you can be assured of Satisfaction. We have the finest Bacon Slicing Machine in the Territory.


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