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Extract Author: Kate Gehring, Arusha
Extract Date: May 15, 2001

German Woman Acquitted of Murder Charge in Tanzanian Court

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Kerstin Cameron, 40, a German woman accused of murdering her husband was acquitted today in the Tanzanian High Court at Arusha.

Judge Edward Rutakangwa delivered the verdict to a packed courtroom, ending a chapter in the legal, personal, and political intrigue that has followed the 1998 death of New Zealander Clifton Cameron in the couple's Arusha home.

Friends and supporters of Cameron packed the courtroom, and the press and Tanzanian onlookers crowded outside. The court was silent during the nearly four hours it took for the judge to deliver his judgment and verdict. When he declared her not guilty, Cameron cried, and the public gallery echoed with applause and cheers.

In comments to the press, Cameron emphasized the support she has received from friends and supporters in Arusha, whom she said "have kept me from utter despair."

Responding to questions about her feelings about the case, and if she will take further legal action, she said: "I would like answers in the future as to how in Dar es Salaam this could happen."

However, she said she wants to spend time with her children while figuring out what to do next. For the time being, she added, she plans to spend time with loved ones, and to "begin to rebuild her life."

"I have nothing, I must start from scratch," she said. But she does have the support of many friends and family who have pledged to continue to support her as she starts all over again.

After greeting those friends and supporters, she will depart immediately for Kenya, and then return with her family to Germany.


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