Richard Thornton

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Fosbrooke, Henry Arusha Integrated Regional Development Plan
Page Number: 119b
Extract Date: 1861-62

Map of Baron von der Deken's Travels

Paper IX: Early Maps of East Africa

Baron von der Deken's two trips to Kilimanjaro never penetrated west of Kilimanjaro but added much detail to the geographical knowledge of the area. On the 1861 trip he was accompanied by a young British geologist Richard Thornton, whose diaries, as yet unpublished, throw much light on contemporary conditions around Kilimanjaro and the Pare Mountains. Thornton had previously worked with Dr. Livingston on the Zambezi, and after this trip returned to the Livingstone expedition to Lake Malawi, only to die after a few months. Dr. Otto Kersten accompanied Van der Deken on his 1862 trip, and produced the six volume opus describing the two journeys, from which the exhibited Maps are taken.

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