Lake Nyanza

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Boyes, John (ed. Mike Resnick) Company of Adventurers
Page Number: 116
Extract Date: 1903

Contemplating Lake Nyanza

We had now been here twenty-six days. It was still raining, but not so continuously as before, and we had occasional bursts of fine weather during which it was possible to go out hunting. I was contemplating a trip to the Victoria Nyanza as soon as the weather cleared. The time had hung very heavily on my hands and I was anxious to be moving.

Having left my proper camping outfit in British East Africa, I sent X to Nairobi to fetch it, and also to bring my mule which had served me so well in the Kikuyu country. By this time all my donkeys had died, and I stayed behind at Kilimanjaro to engage porters and get a safari ready for the projected trip to Victoria Nyanza. News now came in that there were elephants in the forest, and they had made a raid on the Native shambas.' I took my gun and went out to the place where they were reported to have been seen, but they had disappeared. I told the Natives if they returned they were to bring me word at once and I would go out and shoot them.

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