Heather Stewart

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 382
Extract Date: 1973

Heather Stewart

A first choice for many was the glamorous blonde, hazel-eyed Heather Stewart. Heather carried on the proud East African tradition of daring female pilots begun back in the 1930s by Maia Carberry and the romanticized Beryl Markham. The daughter of British expatriates, she was born in Nigeria and arrived in Kenya at the age of eighteen to be married. Later, on the occasion of Heather's second marriage, she had been given flying lessons. From that time on, piloting became her life.

Heather knew East Africa's hunting areas as few pilots did, and her flying skills rivaled the best of her male colleagues. In a sea of endless bush, forest, or sand dunes, Heather could locate and memorize exact locations where hunters had chopped out rough airstrips. After making an initial low pass to scare off animals grazing on the strip, she would zoom in, followed by a huge cloud of dust as she "painted" her aircraft onto the most basic postage-stamp field. From her pressed khaki pilot's uniform to her manicured fingernails, the fashion-cover blonde with a fine sense of humor was all business where flying was concerned. Beating off mosquitoes, amorous clients, and hunters alike. Heather has put her heavily loaded aircraft down in places many old pilots would refuse to consider, yet her safety record is impeccable.

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