Robin Thorne

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Sadleir, Randal Tanzania, Journey to Republic
Page Number: 210b
Extract Date: 1958

I was invited to attend regular meetings of the predominantly Euro-Asian Arusha Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and had a particularly fruitful relationship with its director, Mr Dick Alkin.

Robin Thorne, from whom I had taken over Handeni district in 1951, was DC Arusha when I arrived and, to my delight, I found that Paul Digges La Touche had been promoted to assistant commissioner of police for the Northern Province.

On Chagga Day, the anniversary of the mangi mkuu's installation, the police band at Moshi played the Eton Boating Song in honour of their old Etonian DC, Brian Hodgson, whom I had first met at Tabora. All the guests were then treated to an open-air banquet of kidari (breast of goat, a Chagga delicacy).

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