Jill and Dick Soames

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Page Number: 127
Extract Date: 1950's

Jill and Dick Soames

Before the Woods bought Engushai, the farm to our other side, it was owned by a couple called Jill and Dick Soames. Engushai also has a narrow ravine running up one of its boundaries but, as opposed to Brian's, it deepens and widens the further up into the forest it goes. Closely packed tall trees make the ravine dark and forbidding.

The Soames were away at a race meeting when Robin got word that on two successive nights, a lion had killed a Friesland steer. One carcase had been found in the ravine not far from the Soames' house. Robin went over to Brian and together they planned to sit up over the kill. They constructed a hide of two empty forty-four gallon oil drums welded together, at one end of which they fitted a mesh grill and at the other a lid which could be closed into position. They loaded the drums on to the back of one of the Land Rovers, together with two metal trek chains and their shotguns.

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