Celia Nyamweru

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1980 Publishes: Nyamweru, Celia Rifts and Volcanoes: A study of the East African Rift System

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Nyamweru, Celia Oldoinyo Lengai Web Site
Page Number: 18
Extract Date: July 1988

Lava flow

Between July and October 1988 lava began to flow southwards across the Saddle into the Southern Depression.

The photograph [on the web site] was taken from the southern summit by Martin Smith in October 1988 and shows how lava (already white when this photograph [on the web site] was taken in October 1988) has spilled over the Saddle and begun to fill the floor of the Southern Depression. The photograph to the right [on the web site] was taken by Celia Nyamweru about a month later and looks almost due east along the Saddle. A large vent (T11) has opened just north of the saddle and during our visit to the crater we observed lava flowing southwards from this vent on several occasions. At times when the hot lava came into contact with vegetation on the slopes around the Southern Depression it started small brush fires.

Activity continued within the crater in the early 1990s. Lava cones built up at different locations on the crater floor. The photograph to the left below [on the web site] , taken by Celia Nyamweru in August 1990, shows T14 which was active in August 1990; note the contrast between the white side of the cone which is several months old and the fresh black material that was being erupted as the photograph was taken. Lava flows continued to build up the level of the crater floor and to flood across the former line of the Saddle, creating a single oval crater in place of the former northern pit crater and southern depression.

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2003 Publishes: Nyamweru, Celia Oldoinyo Lengai Web Site

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