Sonia Bleeker

Born 1909

Dies 1971

Sonia Bleeker was born on November 28, 1909 in Starchevicvhi, Russia. She graduated from Hunter College in 1933 and did graduate work in anthropology at Columbia University. In 1934, she married author and editor Herbert S. Zim. From 1931 to 1946 she was an editor for Simon and Schuster in New York. Her interest in anthropology led her and her husband all over the world and they spent much of their lives traveling in Africa, Europe and North and South America, taking notes and doing research for her books. She wrote many anthropology books for young adults about Native Americans, pre-Columbian cultures, and various African tribes. In 1967, she received a Doctor of Science degree from Beloit College. She and her husband collaborated on her final book Life and Death (1970), which examines the rituals of aging, death, and burial among various peoples. Ms. Bleeker died in 1971.

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1963 Publishes: Bleeker, Sonia The Masai, Herders of East Africa

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