Scott Balson

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Balson, Scott German East Africa Coin and Notes - von Lettow Vorbeck Collectibles
Extract Author: Scott Balson
Extract Date: 1897

German East Africa and Fijian coins and bank notes:

My interest in German East African coins and bank notes issued von Lettow-Vorbeck circa 1916 arises from my childhood.

I was born and raised in Tanzania (formerly known as Tanzania and German East Africa prior to the end of World War One. I grew up in the the small town of Iringa in the Southern Highlands of Tanganyika - flying to school in South Africa in the early 1960s as education in East Africa was limited.

The photo [right] is off the Ocean Road Hospital in Dar-es-Salaam built by the Germans in about 1897 - and where I was born. It still stands today.

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