Peter Lindstr�m

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Busemeyer, Karl Ludwig (Mucky) Log-Book about an Airship-Expedition to Tanzania
Page Number: 07
Extract Date: 27 1 98

Flight from Amsterdam to Arusha: �Jambo Africa�

Landing at Kilimanjaro Airport at 21.00 after a long and bumpy flight from Amsterdam. The flight was so bumpy that we even had to fasten seatbelts at one stage in 35.000 ft over the Sahara. We met up with part of our team including Mr. Greyson the prime ministers PR officer in the Arusha and Serengeti aerea and Peter Lindstr�m from Hoopoe, our Arusha based expedition company. Peter reports, that the weather has been completely different from how it should be at this time of the year due to the El Ninjo effect. It has been raining four more than four months now. It is by far the worst weather pattern since 1961! He is quite doubtful, whether we can reach the Ngorongoro conservation area in a few days time due to flooded roads and collapsed bridges. At home we had even heard about crocodiles which had been drowned�

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