Palestiner Reservat

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Spear, Thomas Mountain Farmers, Moral Economies of Land and Agricultural Development in Arusha and Meru
Page Number: 088c
Extract Date: 1908-9

Swabian Germans from Palestine

The German-Russians were replaced in 1908-9 by Swabian Germans from Palestine in the hopes that they would adapt more readily to colonial conditions, and Leganga soon became known as the Palestiner Reservat'.

The government then opened up larger grants between Nduruma and Usa River and recruited Reich Germans to develop them. By 1910, 89 farms had been allocated to Germans. Of 195,907 hectares of land suitable for crops and livestock in Arusha District, 23,700 hectares, or 12 per cent, was alienated overall, though most of it remained unsurveyed and undeveloped.

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