Eliefo A. Kilutha

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Extract Author: Eliefo A.Kilutha
Page Number: 2009 02 18
Extract Date: 2000

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I'm Mr Eliefo A. Kilutha

I living in Karatu Arusha Tanzania now try to look for life I'm try to looking for the History of Kisimiri Village at the online but there is no, but on my search I got the one issue which is very tuf to me because I remember when I was standard one at Kisimiri Primary is the time when Mr Emil Karafiat reach there I want to say thank for Mr Karafiat for growth up our school and when I graduate standard seven 2000 I was real enjoy because I was in good condition there is good classroom at time when I was in standard seven.

Please if you contact with me Emil pass my great to him I wishing you all the best in your daily activities.



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