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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Charles Ngereza
Extract Date: 2000 July 1

Street children wreck havoc in Arusha's streets

Street children who are frequently found in various streets in the municipality especially at the Clock Tower, New Safari hotel and KLM offices have become a menace and are accused of stealing and mugging visitors who come to Arusha as tourists and other purposes.

This menace was clearly evident recently when the street children stole a laptop computer from one Carlos Gonzalez, a Spanish tourist who was buying beads near the Clock Tower area.

After snatching the computer, the children ran towards Themi River where they disappeared. The tourist further said that apart from the computer, these young thieves also stole from him US dollars 500.

Mr. Gonzalez has appealed to the police force to assist him so that he can recover his computer which has a lot of records pertaining to his work.

Investigations have revealed that these street children mainly target foreigners.

Thefts from foreigners are prevalent in Arusha municipality especially near the Clock Tower and along Sokoine Road. When contacted taxidrivers who operates at the Clock Tower area said these children have become hard core criminals. They further said that the children have collaborators who receive the stolen goods in exchange for cash. Their collabroators are main flycatchers, the unofficial tourist guides.

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