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Douglas-Hamilton, Iain and Oria Among the Elephants


Site of Iain Douglas-Hamilton's camp at Lake Manyara

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Thomas Q. Ratsim
Page Number: 476
Extract Date: 7 July 2007

More about misnomers


The letter by Hhawu Migire which appeared in the Arusha Times Issue of June 30 to July 6, this year cannot pass without my strong support.

The misnomers are not only infuriating in the ears of the indigenous people, but are also eluding the real depiction of the names. Amongst the misnomers is the Lake near the Mbulu Township, misnamed as Lake Tlawi. In Iraqw language the word lake is translated as tlawi. Therefore, to mention Lake Tlawi is unnecessary repetition of the same word without providing the real name of the lake. The actual name is Lake Kwa/anseri. So far, I do not know the reason why the name is being avoided.

Most of the names of the places have technical or geographical definitions. Although the misnomers have no negative connotations, if they are not properly pronounced, they may tarnish the identity of the place.

In this issue, I am thankful to the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) for recently changing the name of a stream in the Lake Manyara National Park from Ndala to Endalah. This has reverted to the original name which maintains the the Datooga prefix enda meaning river or stream.

Other examples of misnamed places in the Manyara Region with suggested original names in parenthesis are Bagayo (Baqjud) River, a river cascading into the Lake Manyara National Park through the Rift Valley escarpment. I trust TANAPA will also do something to change the names as they are the ones who are erroneously using them in their maps as well as in their signboards.

Other examples of misnomers in the category which are also ambiguous or are mistakenly pronounced, to mention a few are: Darakuta (Durukuta), Dongobesh (Dung´┐Żwabesh), Endamundo (Endamund), Magara (Magar) and Sigino (Sigin).

I hope the efforts will be made so that the names can be corrected so as to revert to the original names.

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