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Extract Date: 1996 Oct 15

wildlife protection and anti-poaching efforts

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) pledged two million US dollars to support Tanzania's wildlife protection and anti-poaching efforts, according to a local newspaper. The commitment was announced in Arusha, northern Tanzania on Sunday by acting assistant administrator of USAID Bureau for Africa, Carol Peaseley.

She said the aid would create partnership among wildlife division in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) administration, Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, the U.S government, local and international NGOs to improve the protection and sustain flora and fauna resources.

'Areas of assistance and collaboration include anti-poaching, support for the Convention and International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), Community Education and Outreach and Conservation Policy,' she said. Peaseley was invited to visit Tarangire National Park by minister for natural resources and tourism, Juma Ngasongwe.

Meanwhile, after a game drive, Peaseley formally handed over to the minister a Cessna 182 aircraft with registration number 5H-AWF for the wildlife division in accordance with an agreement. The aircraft will be used for wildlife research, monitoring and anti-poaching activities, she told the minister. The three-seater plane has been used for USAID-funded project for Planning and Wildlife Management (PAWM).

The Tanzanian minister commended the US commitment in assisting Tanzania in the conservation and management of wildlife resources. He said the wildlife sector has enjoyed links with the US government for a long time which include wildlife management training in US institutions.

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