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1905 Publishes: Hollis, (Sir Alfred) Claude Masai, Myths, Tales and Riddles

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1905 Publishes: Hollis, (Sir Alfred) Claude The Maasai: Their Language and Folklore

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Extract Author: Marie-anna Pate
Page Number: 2004 03 17

Researching Sir Claude Hollis

My name is Marie-Anna Pate. I recently visited your website searching for books written by my Great Grandfather�Sir Claude Hollis�.you have one of his books listed 'The Maasi: Their language and folklore". It was published by Clarendon Press oxford and is listed in the anthropology section. If you could please tell me where I could purchase this book, I would be very greatful


Mrs Marie-anna Pate

Coincidently, last week I found a copy of "Masai, Myths, Tales and Riddles", also by your Great Grandfather. I bought it in the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford, England.

"This Dover edition, first published in 2003, is a new selection from The Masai: Their Language and Folklore, published by Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, London, in 1905. We have left out the Masai-language samples, have Americanized the English, have slightly reworked two of the proverbs to make them understandable, and have translated into English one passage the author wrote in Latin."

You don�t say which country you are from, but you can find this book on the publishers web site


And Amazon UK currently have 5 in stock (at half the price I paid!)


As for the original title, have you tried ABE Books?


A search finds two copies (both in the UK) but very expensive (just under $400)

Take care to get the title right, especially the spelling of Masai.

Ie The Masai, Their Language and Folklore

I can�t find any reference to the 1960 edition by the Negro University Press, although it�s the Amazon UK database


Here they give an ISBN for the title, (0836988108 ) and a Google search on this leads to Bookfinders


But again, a listing but no copies currently for sale


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