Ali Hassan Mwinyi

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Map and Guide to Tanzania
Page Number: 08h
Extract Date: 1983

Border between Tanzania and Kenya reopened

In November 1983 the border between Tanzania and Kenya reopened. Having been elected five times as President, the popular and widely respected Nyerere stepped down in 1985. The present President Ali Hassan Mwinyi was elected in his place.

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World History at KMLA
Page Number: 09c
Extract Date: 1961

Independence, since 1961 - Presidents, 1961- Prime Ministers, 1972-

Presidents, 1961-

1961-1965 Julius Nyerere

1965-1985 Julius Nyerere

1985-1995 Ali Hassan Mwinyi

1995- Benjamin William Mkapa

Prime Ministers, 1972-

1972-1977 Rashid Kawawa

1977-1980 Edward Moringe Sokoine

1980-1983 Cleopa David Msuya

1983-1984 Edward Moringe Sokoine

1984-1985 Salim Ahmed Salim

1985-1990 Joseph Warioba

1990-1994 John Malecela

1994-1995 Cleopa David Msuya

1995- Frederick Sumaye

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