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Extract Author: Mike Paterson
Extract Date: 20 July 2001

Mike Paterson

Thanks for replying and the info. There is also quite a good bookshop called Kenya books in brighton just tap that in and you should get them they have a lot of TZ stuff.

I was born in Kampala 1948 and lived and went to school in Tanganyika (Mbeya 1955-58 and St Michael's & St George's Iringa 1959-1962 afterwards in UK.

My father Robert was in the administration as a DO and DC (d1995) and we moved about a lot mainly Lake Province (Shinyanga Biharamulo Bukoba and Ukerewe Island,Southern Highlands(Tukuyu) also Dar and Kisarawe.

I never lived in the Arusha area but stayed at the New Arusha Hotel on our trips to Nairobi and also with the Powells (DC Arusha c1961)

I passed through Arusha in 1992 on safari. An interesting contrast from what it was in the 50's (probably the nicest little town in EA) I seem to remember that the were filming Hatari when we were there early 60's. What struck me most was the lack of water in the river which I remember being quite swift flowing. If you remember any folks who went to school out there you could see familiar names at or for the Kenya schools.

Your site is brilliant and it has been great to see familiar names close family friends like Hans Cory,John Moffat, Hugh Elliot and parents of guys I was at School with (George Dove,Van Rooyen, Von Mutius etc also David Western.)

Keep up the good work

Best Wishes

Mike Paterson

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