Roger Hubbert

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Extract Author: Roger Hubbert
Page Number: 2004 10 30
Extract Date: 1960's

Do you have any leads?

David, when were you in Arusha?

I grew up in Tanganyike and used to live there. I went to school in Mbeya and Kongwa.

I worked for Geoff Lawrence-Brown, hunting and photo safaris and on the Hatari film. Even played polka with the duke! Was good friends with the Trappe famile and Max Morgan-Davies with whom I have lost contact.

Do you have any leads? Salaams!

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Maureen Claridge (nee Bailey)
Page Number: 2007 11 27

Roger Hubbert

Hello Roger,

My folks were great friends of your parents, Stand and Joan Hubbert. The kids 'were' Shirley, Laurie, Richard, Desmond and Maureen. I have quite a few letters from your folks to mine when they moved to England. In the letters were (amongst others) their concern about your stay in E.A. I would like you to contact me as I would love to send you the letters. - Maureen

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