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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Hazel Redgrave
Extract Date: 08-Oct-2007

Lake Victoria Hotel (photograph with family)

Yes, that is the old Lake Victoria Hotel at Entebbe. If you enter that title in Google Images, you'll see an almost identical hotel frontage, albeit modernised.

Kind regards, Hazel.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Verena Hinsch
Page Number: 2007 01 18
Extract Date: 30 Jan 2007

movie about the life of Margarete Trappe and Momella

With great interest we read some of the comments with regard to Momella Farm.

On the 30th of January 2007 a movie about the life of Margarete Trappe and Momella will be shown on the German TV Channel (ZDF) all over the world and we are very excited about it.

The book: 'Am Fusse des Meru' was mentioned in one of your comments - it was written by Gerd von Lettow Vorbeck!

We are also glad to read that business around Momella, esp with the two owners of the farm (one from Namibia!) is going well. We were born in Namibia and our heart and soul are part of the wonderful African continent.

Verena and Manfred Hinsch

I wish I could see the film, and even more, I wish I knew German so as to be able to follow it, and many other works about Margaret Trappe and others in Tanzania.

I presume that it is Marlies and J�rg that you refer to, as the two owners of the farm because I see from http://www.hatarilodge.com/ueber_uns_und_kontakt.php that Marlies is from Namibia.

I know that they have been involved in the making of the film, so if you are not in touch with them, I'm sure they would welcome contact.

thanks for the mail. I've been in contact with J�rg and Marlies and am very happy that they had some involvement in the movie. Africa is a great place � if ever you are able to visit, go see Namibia too - one of the greatest.

Regards, Verena

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Nicky Renouf
Page Number: 2007 01 19
Extract Date: 1970

Executive assistant manager at The New Arusha

I was executive assistant manager at The New Arusha , for about 10 months in 1970.

I worked for African Tours and Hotels, and spent the time there as there were problems (aren�t there always) with my Kenya Work Permit.

I was only 20/21 and fresh out of hotel college. The previous young expats had decided to leave (due to the hard conditions imposed on us) and disappeared overnight, their tickets being paid for by some guests.

The Hotel was being run in a largly despotic manner, by Tony O'Brian, known to all as Mkaki due to the highly starched safari gear he used to wear. He had the most sophisticated spy network , and knew exactly what we had been up to , almost before we did it!

He was an ex hunter, and well I remember shooting with him at West Kilimanjaro,Tony sitting on a shooting stick , quaffing from his hip flask at the same time as effortessly shooting large numbers of sand grouse.

We worked extremely hard, often from 7 am till 2 the next morning, and that included his hard working wife who was I believe called Phil.

There are any number of stories about my time there, when parts of the old building were still in use, greeting the King of Denmark, the tanzanite smuglers shooting at each other as they went round the roundabout.

Lots of stories, but not a place I recall as being the happiest posting of my career.

Nicky Renouf

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lorraine Chittock
Page Number: 2007 02 02
Extract Date: 2000

I met a hunter

I was wondering if you might be able to help.

I met a hunter just outside Arusha/Mt. Meru's National Park back in 2000. (I lived in Kenya for five years.) He told me a Baroness was buried there and the man who killed Mt. Meru�s last elephant. I came across some gravestones the same day.

Is any of this related to the Von Trappe family? I've looked on the internet and can't find a thing. If you don't know, do you know anyone who would? I'm a writer and it's a tidbit of information I'd like to put in my next book. Any leads appreciated!

I'm sure the "Baroness" would be Margarete Trappe (no von I think). This extract says "Popular belief holds that when Mrs von Trapp, the Austrian owner of Momella farm West Meru, died after having lived there for many years, a herd of elephants of which she was very fond trumpeted mournfully outside her house." http://www.ntz.info/gen/n00625.html#id04394

So it wouldn't have been her who shot the last Elephant! In fact I'm not sure that anyone did in that I saw elephants up near Mt Meru's crater rim in 1994, and I'm pretty sure they are still around.

Best contact to find out more would be Marlies and Jorge who own the Hatari Lodge just inside the Park. Http://www.hatarilodge.com/ueber_uns_und_kontakt.php

They have far more knowledge about the history of the area and of Margarete Trappe - in fact they have been involved in the making of a film about her which has recently shown on German television.

Also up on the mountain near the fig tree arch there is the remains of an old hunting lodge. I'm desparately trying to remember the name of the man who owned it. I think it was someone called Nagel - but I'll need to search my notes to confirm. Maybe he hunted elephant until it seemed there were none left.

Try to find Momella: an African Game Paradise, by von Rogister. That will tell you more about Margarete Trappe. (abebooks.com has a few copies).

Please let me know if you find out more.

No, I guess she wouldn't have been the one to shoot the last elephant, would she???!!!! Yes, I saw that extract on your site, it reminded me of the last scene in Out of Africa with the two lions cavorting near Dennis Finch Hattons resting place. Perhaps all for drama, but all good stuff!

Thank you for the lead for Marlies and Jorge, I'll contact them now.

You have a wonderful site, a really dedication of time and love. all my best to you, Lorraine

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Mark Morgan
Page Number: 2007 02 05
Extract Date: 2004

Arusha Visit

Hi I have just read the Arusha School information again and it was really great reading.

I have emailed you before, about my time at Arusha, my farther was one of the teachers. My wife and I passed through Arusha in 2004 and where able to visit the school, and indead our old home. The school has really changed but it is 50 years since we lived there.

I noticed from the web that a very great friend Gaynor Watkins was trying to contact me please give her my email address, as it is a long time since we have met and our familys where realy good friends, It was with the Watkins that I stayed while my mother was in the hospital in Arusha having my brother. We were able to have a quick tour of Arusha and glad to see that the Hospital was still there!.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Stewart Galloway
Page Number: 2007 02 06
Extract Date: 6 Feb 2007

Listing the maps

Listing the Maps is tantalizing. How can I download an electronic copy? I am trying to follow the travels of my daughter while she is in Tanzania and Kenya.

Thanks very much. Stew

Ngorongoro: Tourist Map & Guide - Main Side 1999. Enlargement of Northern TZ 1994.

Find the page with the map you want.

E.g. http://www.ntz.info/gen/b00489.html

Left click on the map itself, and a larger map opens in the window.


Right mouse click on that, and (depending on which browser you are using) select "save image as", and you can save it to your PC. Use back button to return to listings.

This technique applies to all pictures on any website.

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I've done the saveas. However, the map text is unreadable.

Any other options?

Thanks. Stew

Well, they're not really meant to be readable, more to illustrate what exists. If I provided a higher resolution version I think I'd been infringing copyright etc etc.

Short of buying printed Maps, have you tried Google Earth?

Look for the overlay from http://www.tracks4africa.com/t4a_google.asp

Thanks so much. I guess I could crack open the wallet and buy a map but I thought there must be some free resources out there if I just dug a little. I'm trying to follow my daughter's semester abroad in Kenya and Tanzania. Thanks again! Stew

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Amanda Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 10
Extract Date: 1957-63

Jane Amanda Holton (now Cawson) Arusha School 1957-1963

What fun I have had this morning reading through your wonderful site! So many names I remember and so many memories.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and to share my experiences. I have a few photos and put the one of the whole school one at some stage a few years ago!

My father was Alan Holton and he was a tea planter Ngambo Tea Estates near Amami.

I went to Arusha School from 1957 to 1963 (I think!)I have been in touch with Sarah Holland since and Paul Carlin, but I have been trying to get in rouch with Rosemary Goodman - the family had a coffee estate on the slopes of Kili - was it Sana Juu?

I have quite a few photos of her. I am at present trying to write about my life - because my children keep asking me about it! If anyone else has any photos I would love to swap! I am going back to Arusha and should be there round about the 2nd April 2007 and hope to get back to see the school. I hear that the tortoise is still going!

Thanks for bring back so many memories, sad and happy ones!


yes, just found the photo sent some time ago. I am on the far right of the photo - bottom row!! not sure what the date was - any ideas? Jane

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jill Appleby
Page Number: 2007 02 11
Extract Date: 1952-56

Jill Appleby: Arusha School 1952-56

I have just discovered your site - it is great to read up on so much.

I was at Arusha from 52-56 and was so disappointed when parents moved me to a UK convent at 11 although I finally managed to get to Iringa (St Michael's & St George's).

Memories are limited although I remember Mrs Hampshere teaching me to plait hair in the Brownies, the visit by Princess Margaret and how the tiny (even then) princess walked the whole of the length of the hall to the stage, then later going with the whole school to the parade somewhere in Arusha to see her again.

Also remember receiving the tackie, of course the tortoise, climbing the trees and many days spent in the san with tonsillitus.

Happy days! I remember going around a spagetti factory with a friend whose dad owned it. Not sure now of the name, but would love to make contact.

We revisited Arusha (2004) and stayed at the modernised New Arusha, visited the school (and saw the tortoise), met the Head and a few children. Hope to go back again sometime. Also went to the Anglican church on the Sunday, remember the times we walked there in crocodile fashion?

I have a load of lovely photos of the school, but am not sure if you have a website I could put them on. Would also love to see some of the others that folks have.

All the best Petra (was known as Jill Appleby in those days - Dad was in PWD)


We must have overlapped, in that I was at Arusha school from 1953-57.

I was a day boy, and so never did the crocodile to the church. But no need because my father was the rector, and so I like next door to the church. But I did hold open the hall door to let the Princess in!!

The spagetti factory must have been Amekas Macaroni Industry, owned by Mr. Stylianou (see http://www.ntz.info/gen/b00681.html). There appears to have been a Stelio Stylianou in the Kindergarten in 1956 (he won an art prize).

I want to update the web site to make it easier to add photos, meanwhile the best way is to ask you to send them to me. I'd add them as an album in your name, with cross links to wherever is appropriate, depending on how much you tell me about each photo.

Thanks for the recollections

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Samuel Fute
Page Number: 2007 02 11
Extract Date: 2007

from Kidugala

Nice and very useful information site.

I am Samuel, a Tanzanian, from Kidugala by origin.

I am very much fond of exploring and reading about Polish life before and while at Kidugala.

I would like to be in touch with Diane Winkler who wanted to write a book about it. May you help me to have her contacts so that I give my support on the information she migh need.

Good time friends,

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jill Appleby
Page Number: 2007 02 16
Extract Date: 2006

photo of the Cathedral

Thanks for getting back to me - I guess we must have met at Arusha sometime. Which house were you in? I was North House, also the motto in my day was 'Manner Maketh Man' and remember seeing it in the dining room for the older kids.

I am attaching a photo of the Cathedral (as it is now) where we used to go. I'll send some more sometime.

Take care

Petra McMahon ( was Jill Appleby)

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Gaynor Watkins
Page Number: 2007 02 16a
Extract Date: 2007


I had heaps of pictures but unfortunately on my way back to Australia we stopped off in Mauritius and all my laptop, camera and video camera were stolen and I lost all my pictures. Was pretty heart broken.

I managed to find my old house up at Olmotonyi - will attach a photo of that as a friend of mine came with me that day and took a couple of pictures. I will send one to Mark as he and his family used to visit us every Sunday. Was wonderful to be back and I hope to return again. The Forestry school which my father started is now well established - he is now 83 but after my reports of the school he wants to go and see for himself so I said I would go to..

As it had been about 45 years since I had last visited Arusha I only recognised a few things - of course the clock, the school and little bits of the town.

Had a wonderful 5 days on safari too. I was able to do quite a bit of work over there and trained 90 people in suicide intervention - they were so grateful as suicide is such a taboo topic and most of the focus is on HIV and poverty. Some of the people I trained have now translated what I gave them into swahili and are going into the villages and schools - if i can get some funding would love to go back and follow it all up too.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Gaynor Watkins
Page Number: 2007 02 16b
Extract Date: 2007


The first three photos of are of our house - used to be surrounded with a beautiful english garden but now there were quite a few goats around.

The house although it looked shabby was still in pretty good shape with lots of the original things there such as the water heater at the back of the house with two drums on top - you can see it in the second picture = we used to have to light a fire under the water and the water would go into the bath.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Gaynor Watkins
Page Number: 2007 02 16c
Extract Date: 2007


The first three photos of are of our house - used to be surrounded with a beautiful english garden but now there were quite a few goats around.

The house although it looked shabby was still in pretty good shape with lots of the original things there such as the water heater at the back of the house with two drums on top - you can see it in the second picture = we used to have to light a fire under the water and the water would go into the bath.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Gaynor Watkins
Page Number: 2007 02 16d
Extract Date: 2007


The first three photos of are of our house - used to be surrounded with a beautiful english garden but now there were quite a few goats around.

The house although it looked shabby was still in pretty good shape with lots of the original things there such as the water heater at the back of the house with two drums on top - you can see it in the second picture = we used to have to light a fire under the water and the water would go into the bath.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Gaynor Watkins
Page Number: 2007 02 16e
Extract Date: 2007

Watkins Hall

The fourth picture is of the school building my father built - used to called Watkins Hall.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Margaret Thompson
Page Number: 2007 02 18

Margaret Thompson nee Barratt Oldest of Thora's Children

I was interested to read Marjories recollections, I haven't been able to access this site for some time due to isp probs'

[more on the Ulyate family feedback pages]

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 27
Extract Date: 1958

Jane at Ngambo

I have been back in UK for the past 10 days, so only just got round to scanning in the photos I have of Arusha and some of my friends, Marjory and Rosy Goodman and a few others, but I can't remember their names.

Please feel free to do what you want with the photos - it would be nice to get in touch with Marjory and Rosy again is possible.

Extract ID: 5228

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 27
Extract Date: 1959

Marjory and Rosy Goodman Arusha School Pepper Trees

Extract ID: 5229

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 27
Extract Date: 1959-60

Arusha School Playing fields Rosey Goodman and Marjory

Extract ID: 5230

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 27
Extract Date: 1960

David and Jane Holton

Extract ID: 5231

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 27
Extract Date: 1960

Jane Holton and Rosy Goodman

Extract ID: 5232

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jane Holton (now Cawson)
Page Number: 2007 02 27
Extract Date: 1960-61

a friend called Solveg - left side from Arusha school

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lise Larsen
Page Number: 2007 03 01
Extract Date: 1956

Lise Larsen - Arusha School- 1948 - 1956

My sisters and I (Ane, Lise and Inge) Larsen were all born in Arusha and all went to school at the Arusha School under the headmastership of Cyril Hamshere.

One of my best friends was Antonia Hamshere now a doctor in S.Africa and I got to know the family fairly well.

Cyril was actually born,in what was then Bristish Guiana, and not in East Africa as I read on this site. He was a wonderful headmaster for us kids with paper chases, 'rambling' climbing Mt Meru, trips to Ngorongoro and so forth. No doubt he ran a tight ship but I don't think any of us suffered through that. I have always thought his teaching of local history was marvellous. At the Kenya High we were only fed European History. Very few of us there had ever been to Europe !!

Just to let you know that I have very fond memories of my days at Arusha School, though those that remember the 'seven crossings' in the advocado trees would agree that 'Work Place Health and Safety' would no doubt be horrified !!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you confirm the dates when you were at Arusha School?

I know it must include 1956 because I see from the School Magazine of Feb 1956 that you were 12 then and you won:

A Standard Form (SF) II Prize (I received a SF IV prize at the same time)

A Music Prize (with Caroline Pearson)

Plus the Anne Revington Cup and the Selian Cup.

Can you remember these, and what the Cups were for?

You were also in the Chorus of Soldiers in a production of "The Charcoal Burner's Son"

And you wrote a piece about the School House Swimming Sports, and the Netball Team.

There's also a piece by Tonia Hamshere about the Sports Day, in fact an Inter Schools Sports day, in which you broke the high jump record (4ft 3 3/4 inches).

Hi David, I certainly can't remember much of all that !! But you inspired me to look for a Magazine and there was V0l 1 N0. 1 1955.

I did leave in '56 and as far as I can remember started in '48 or '49, the kindergarten was in the main building as the Junior section was not built. I recollect making massive "pompoms" in those early days.

What those Cups were for I've no idea - I was the sporty type not much for the study stuff so must be for sport or something.

I have Tonia's email address and her sister Diana lives in South Ascot. Cyril was very good to me in that he got me my first job after high school as assistant matron at Arusha and then some teaching * yr olds before I went teacher training in England.

He wasn't over impressed with my first English posting to a secondary modern school in Walsall so suggested I applied for a P.E. position at St Mary's Convent in South Ascot where he had been giving some talks etc. I spent 4 very happy years there before moving to Australia.

I have a spare copy of the 1955 magazine if you would like it I can mail it to you. The prizes we apparently got !! What were they for ??

Thanks for your reply have a happy summer.

Cheers Lise

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Cynthia O'Keeffe
Page Number: 2007 03 04

Mau-Mau uprising

Just found the ntz info pages after doing some research about Africa, especially early 1900's. -- Great website!

One detail I note with interest; much about the Mau-Mau uprising has been 'glossed over' in the press�and if I check Google to try and locate any reference to the deaths of Grey Leakey and his wife, well, it's almost impossible. I am glad you have some facts here, as those years and the news in Africa at the time are particularly unknown to Americans today. I haven't been to Africa yet, but one never knows! Thank you for bringing so much of the history to life. I have been slowly working through the biographies of many europeans who moved to Kenya around 1900. So it's like reading about 'old friends' when I come across the names over and over again.

Your cross referencing is very well done, and leads me to more reading, and research. What an amazing time that must have been.


Cynthia O'Keeffe,RN

Thanks for the feedback. I try to keep the focus on Northern Tanzania, so don't cover much from Kenya or the Mau Mau.

Whether I have the "facts" of course is open to discussion. I try to keep my extracts accurate to their sources, but there's already a bias in what I choose to copy. And who knows how accurate the original sources are. For example in the quote from Brian Herne (which I think is the one you found) http://www.ntz.info/gen/b00623.html#id03840 there's an error about Capucine. Let's hope that the rest of what is says is right.

I have a newspaper from when we lived in Arusha, Tanzania in the 1950's and it records the concern which arose when it was reported that some Mau Mau fighters had crossed the border.

There are a few recent books about the Mau Mau and the colonial era which have caused a bit of a stir recently here in the UK. I'm sure you've already read the wikipedia article on the Mau Mau http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mau_Mau , and seen the comments on Caroline Elkins http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caroline_Elkins and her book. There's also a link to the Times review of two of the recent books: http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/article408636.ece

For your Kenyan research you might want to contact Peter Ayre http://www.abebooks.com/home/TREMLETT/ who, as well as selling East African books, is also keeping a database of people who used to live in Kenya.

Extract ID: 5226

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Stelio Stylianou
Page Number: 2007 03 18
Extract Date: 1955-1961

Stelio Stylianou - Arusha School 1955-1961

I've just discovered this site. And it's a delight. I was at Arusha School from 1955 to 1961 before going on to St Michaels and St Georges in Iringa. And - as Petra mentioned in one of the messages posted some time ago - my father owned Amekas Spaghetti factory.

I've been living in London for the past 25 years and have been back to Arusha twice since being here; the last time for my 50th birthday in 2000. It's extraordinary how -despite the town growing so massively - the landmarks I knew have changed so little.

Extract ID: 5332

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Gurrjeet Mangat
Page Number: 2007 03 20
Extract Date: 1960's

The bus company

hi, I came across your correspondence regarding the ulyates on the net and it brought back fond memories of my times in Sanya Juu/Moshi/Arusha, well basically East Africa.

My father apperantely used to run the bus co. from Moshi to Olmolog via Sanya Juu and Ngare Nairobi (his name was Mewa Singh Mangat but was widely known as MANGATY) and was well acquainted with all the farmers of the area right up to Loitokitok on the Kenya border.

I still remember as a child we were fans of Robin Ulayte and Dr.Micheal Woods (the flying doctor) who used to partake in the E.A. Safari Rally and we used to go and watch them at Dutch Corner.

I was wondering out of curiosity of your correspondence with the Ulaytes if you would know if any of the Ulyates or Dr.Wood are still farming in Sanya Juu.

The focal point of the farmers life was the Farm and Duka post office run by an Englishman called Mr.Brown at Ngare Nairobi and we had a contract to deliver and collect mail for the Browns.

P.S I hope I sincereley havent inconvininced yourself by getting in touch with yourself.

Thanking you and regards.

gs Mangat.

Extract ID: 5333

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Pietro Fardella
Page Number: 2007 03 21
Extract Date: 1957-1959

Pietro Fardella - Arusha School, 1957 -1959

My name is Pietro Fardella an I was at Arusha School from 1957 1959 before going to Italy. I lived East Africa (Moshi Kahe) from 1949 until 1959. Currently I live in Roma.

My teacher was Mrs Day. I keep in contact with Doctor Sannasardo working in Arusha and with other two alumni: Franco Ferrarri and Derek Middelton (now in U.K.) I also remember Peter French ad Inge Larson

Extract ID: 5334

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly
Page Number: 2007 03 22
Extract Date: 1963-1968

Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly - Arusha School 1963-1968

I would like to be named as another Ulyate who attended Arusha School 1963 - 1968. It was great finding more details of my family especially photos of my grandparents.

The last I heard, Rosemary Goodman (now Peacock) was living in Zimbabwe but with recent problems I don't know if they stayed but I'm sure my sister Valerie Wallace would know.

And, for Shaun Conner:

I see you lived on Waru Waru � my family lived there till they moved to other parts of the world.

My father Malham Ulyate moved to Sanya Juu .the farm was called Sikarari. I also attend Arusha School '63 - '68. Richard Hatter was my 'first' boyfriend , can still remember sitting up in the big avo tree over looking the sports field. Mr Rushbrooke was headmaster the year I left. I cannot remember you but would love to hear from you.

April 24th

Hi David

Many thanks for replying to my email & apologise for not answering sooner but the last month has been very hectic for me.Thank you also for sending on the one to Shaun Conner who was in touch the very same day !! Should any other ex Arusha remember me you may pass on my email address.

It was a surprise to find the �Ulyate family � site & see pictures of my grandfather that I have never seen before. Will send you any update if I can but I might open a can of worms�so to speak. The movie �White Mischief� has nothing to compare with the Ulyates & maybe one day I�ll write a book.

One interesting thing that does stand out is Princess Margarets visit to Arusha School�my sister Valerie (now Wallace) was presented with the Rusha Rusha shield by her Royal Highness.

Have enjoyed seeing what Arusha school looks like even in todays world , something to show my children.

Will keep in touch & once again many thanks for the website.

As a matter of interest I am known to all as Lolly.



Extract ID: 5335

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Shaun Conner
Page Number: 2007 03 22


Thanks for forwarding on the email from Elizabeth. I have emailed her with some chit chat.

Don�t remember her but then we were young, I was only 10 when I left! Anyway I keep my eye on your website from time to time.

My son was in Tanzania last year. He stayed at Marangu Hotel with Seamus and Jackie Brice Bennet who run the Hotel and he climbed Kili, well, almost to the top! He had a great Safari and then went to Kenya to stay with other friends of mine. He loved it!

I keep saying we must go back but never seem to find the time. We did go to zanzibar in 1997 which was fabulous. Anyway keep up the good work.

Extract ID: 5337

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Susan Bailey, nee Wynn Jones
Page Number: 2007 03 26
Extract Date: 1950

Susan Bailey, nee Wynn Jones - Arusha School, 1949-50

I was sent your e-mail address re life at Arusha School.

After 56 years my siblings and I went back to Tanzania,the first place to visit was the school. Our father - William Wynn Jones was the first Headmaster, we all lived upstairs,having been born at Arusha.

We were thrilled to see the school,meet staff,see the tortoise-all had a ride! And found many memories.Sad to see the avenue of trees gone,but the school is doing so well.

We travelled down memory lane to Moshi, Merangue, Dodoma and Mvumi were we went after Dad's time at Arusha School, so we were able to visit the districts, meeting people who remembered us. Our visit was like a homecoming,which we all enjoyed.

Having read David Reed's book, I realise why my name did not appear on the Mt.Meru board of 1950 - I reached the top. But not to the place where the book was to signed!!

Cheers-Susan Bailey,nee Wynn Jones.

Extract ID: 5355

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Adam Goodall Bloom
Page Number: 2007 03 26

Goodall Bloom

Hi , I am going to be starting to write up my grand fathers (Goodall Bloom) book and may need some help !



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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Susan Bailey, nee Wynn Jones
Page Number: 2007 03 30
Extract Date: 1950

Email from Susan Bailey to Lise Larsen

Dear Lise,

I met Geoff Hoad at St Johns, Reid,A.C.T. I live in Canberra with my family. Geoff and I were talking about Tanzania and my trip in Oct.2006 and he gave me your name.

My siblings and I were born in Arusha, as our parents were missionaries with C.M.S. who were asked to build a school for the European children as they were called then. Dad was the first Headmaster in1931 - we lived upstairs for 10 years.

Our surame was Wynn Jones - Dad- William, and Mum - Ruth.

We then went to Mvumi mission station near Dodoma. After a years leave in Australia we moved to Dodoma. Dad was the Bishop then. He was consecrated in 1942.

In 1950 Dad had a car accident on his way to consecrate a church at Kongwa. This led to kidney problems,and sadly we lost our beloved Dad that May. At the end of 1950 we moved to Australia as Mum was born here, Dad was Welsh.

None of the family had been back until last year - 56 years it took for the sudden time to be right. We had a wonderful experience - full of joy and memories which can only be experienced as siblings. We met people who recalled Mum and Dad, saw our old homes - not quite as we had them, and felt so much at home. Tim,a brother could recall swahilli so much, he became the spokes person for us at some churches and places we went to.The people could recognise we had learnt the language well.

My brothers went to Duke of York - now Lenana School.and Prince of Wales - now Nairobi School. I was due to go to a Kenyan girls school in 1951, but we had left Africa by then.

I would love to know what your parents were in Africa for. Were they born there? We went past Oldeani, Moshi, Merangu - with memories of childhood.

Would like to hear from you sometime please,as there are a lot of Tanzanians around. We met a family we had not seen since 1945 up at Budrum-Qld.

Thank you for your email. I was about to write because Lise Larsen send me a copy of your email to her (sent 1 March?). I wanted to ask you permission to add this email to the web site

Good to hear from you.When were you at Arusha School?

It was interesting to go to board there in 1949-1950,after having lived there as a child upstairs. I feel so much a part of Arusha,and our trip there was special.

You may put my letter on the web. We tended to loose contact with people when we came to Australia,but have in the last few months come across families we knew on the mission field.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Eugeniusz Rzewuski
Page Number: 2007 04 04
Extract Date: 2007


Just today I read some e-mail correspondance posted to http://www.ntz.info concerning the former camp of Polish WW2 refugees in Tengeru, Tanzania. Many people do discover this place and its symbolic history of being a safe haven for nearly 5 thousand Polish children and their elder relatives and caretakers evacuated by the Polish army from places of their deportation in Soviet Union. Some visitors are amazed that the Polish cemetery adjacent to the former refugee camp is so well maintained.

I am glad to inform that this place is under permanent care of the Polish Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

Sincerely yours

Eugeniusz Rzewuski,

University of Warsaw,

Department of African Languages and Cultures

former charge d' affaires a.i. of the Embassy (1995-99)

Many thanks for your feedback about Tengeru. It is one of the sections of the web site that causes a lot of interest, and there is a new generation of people trying to unearth the history of their parents, many of whom spent time at Tengeru.

Although I've been to Arusha many times, I've never managed to visit Tengeru. Thank you for your update about the cemetry.

I'm sure you are familiar with sites such as http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kresy-Siberia/ - Someone refered this to me only a week ago as a place with lots of information about Tengeru, including photographs.

Jambo David (Daudi)

Thanks for your reply letter. I am glad that there is much interest about "Polish chapter" of the history of Tengeru. In fact this was one of many WW2 Polish camps camps located in East and Central Africa. I have visited and documented four other Polish cemeteries in Tanzania which which mark places where camps were located: Morogoro, Kidugala, Ifunda, Kondoa-Irangi. All are reasonably well mantained. Tengeru was the the biggest camp and remains the biggest cemetery.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Susan Alyce Oyoo
Page Number: 2007 04 09
Extract Date: 1986-1991

Susan Alyce Oyoo: Arusha School 1986-1991

I was browsing through the net and thought I reach out and search for info on my former primary school. I am so amazed at how much lotso former pupils have managed to make contact, as most still visit,others plan to do so in the long run.

I was in Arusha school between 1986-1991, I so enjoyed my time there and infact miss the good old days very much. I now live in the United Kingdom, I last visited Tanzania in 2004 but was in Dar es Salaam.

I remember my best teacher (as we students used to rank), was Mr Sawaki, as well as he being my class teacher in my P7. I met Mr Dalal (tall) on my way to Dar, and was so surprised he still remembered me very well....Its also good to know a few people like Ms Ngowi are still there, unfortunatly sad some past away, bless them!

I have but all in vain, been trying to get in contact with one of my old school friends, Linda Maita. Does any one know where she is or how i could get in contact with her. I also would like to get in contact with Emili Mwenewanda, if any one can help, we got confirmed together at Christ Church, still have a foto of us together.

I would love to link up with most of the former people i was with especially during P6 and P7. i am shocked but amazed to hear the tortois's still there, alive and kicking. I mean, they were very old the time i was there!

I have taken an interest in this and will eventually get my self to reading and knowing alot more about tortois's as living creatures.

Everyone involved in making this site happen, Your doing a very great job and thanks to you all. Reading a few feed backs, i noticed a name thats so familair, Fiona Musana..Our families knew each other. i hope some day i will be able to meet all the people i intend to, through your help.

Keep up the good job and the good spirit going!

Many Thanks!

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Yvonne Starks
Page Number: 2007 04 19
Extract Date: 2007

Among the Elephants

Just finished reading Among the Elephants. Because of the span of time and projections from 1975, curious about few outcomes:

Chapter 15: What has happened to the home ranges of the Manyara elephants. Did it tighten or loosen and what was the phase that occurred?

Chapter 17: What was finally decided about the correct management of elephants all over Africa, judged by each individual park's merits? Culling? Noninterference?

Postscript: Only 40% of ID-H's marked trees were still alive at writing. Predicted that by 1980 there would be none left. True? Story & comments?

Postscript: Overcrowding crisis at Manyara solved? Marang Forest as promised, happen? Conversion of corridor of farmland to wildlife conservation occur for larger elephant ranges?

Are there any photos of Iain, Oria, Mhoja from the 1960s and currently? Some in book dark and hard to see.

Site and links good, but a little difficult to navigate, at least for the questions/info I was searching for�

Thanks for your email and feedback with questions.

Unfortunately I'm not in any great position to answer. You'd need to talk directly to people working in the park, and to other scientist who might be currently studying the Manyara elephants. Results are probably in the scientific literature which I only have occasional access to, and don't really try to include research publications in the database unless they have some wider appeal.

I know that there's work going on to create a corridor between lake Manyara and the Tarangire National Park. In time gone by the elephants used to move freely between the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara, but this corridor is effectively block by towns, villages and cultivation, but I suspect that a few elephants do make the journey.

I'll put your email on the web site, and maybe others will have some answers to your questions.

Btw, do let me know what sort of things you found difficult with the navigation. I'm always open to improvement. The overall design is nearly 8 years old, and I plan one day to move it to an online database, and will rethink the structure and navigation then.

Also, my initial focus was on indexing people and dates, and I haven't tried much to index e.g. animals. Hence, no specific index for elephant. However, the search option on the front page might help - it finds 243 pages which include the word elephant.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jarat Chopra
Page Number: 2007 04 21

Arjan and Gerald Chopra

Brian Duncan states 'Gerald & Argent Chopra � Gerald was a doctor and his father Argent (English wife) was a lawyer � possibly of Italian or Belgian origin, and both very keen shooters. They both had respective practices in Mwanza.'

Actually it is ARJAN and GERALD Chopra. My father, Arjan, was a doctor and Gerald, his brother/my uncle, was a lawyer. Both of Indian origin. Their father was I.C. Chopra, a lawyer and founding partner/director/shareholder with J.T. Williamson of Williamson Diamonds.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Page Number: 2007 04 22
Extract Date: Feb 2007

The Dar Mutiny of 1964

May I commend my (with Christopher MacRae) new book The Dar Mutiny of 1964 Book Guild Publishing of Brighton Feb 2007. Foreword by Lord Carrington.

Article in Apr edition RUSI Journal 'A good read, and an excellent and detailed account �'.

Globe and Laurel. 'I commend you �'

Ben Mkapa, former President Tanzania. 'An extremely useful addition to the history of the period � a very good account �'

General Lord Guthrie. 'This is a valuable historical record �'

Lord Luce, former Minister for Africa. 'A remarkable reconstruction �'

Sir Jophn Coles, former Head of the Diplomatic Service.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: James C Rayner
Page Number: 2007 04 25
Extract Date: 1947 Aug

A. P. de K. Fourie

I was amazed to find reference to my father grand father on your web site - A. P. de K. Fourie.

I actual have a copy of his writings and have just finished reading it.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Kirit Patel
Page Number: 2007 04 25
Extract Date: 1974

it is always a pleasure to read the new articles that are posted for our school. I saw the pictures of the swimming pool and it brought tears to my eyes to see it in th state it is in , I can remember having a many weekday afternnoons and many a week ends n the pool , I can rember the grand swimming galas we had there. I was the swim team captian for south house in 1974, we won the gala in all the events.

I wonder if there is anything we can do as an alumni to put it back together I know there are a lot of us who still cherish the moments we spent in arusha and the school. Just a thought ,

I would also like to get in touch with the following friends of mine if they still remember me

alakrim abdullah canada


allen moore texas

and all the other s from my time if they see me please pass them muy email address.

keep up the good work

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tricia Barton (nee Lane)
Page Number: 2007 04 26
Extract Date: 1950-52

Tricia Lane Oldeani 1950-52

I have pictures of Oldeani and wondered how I can send them to you for your Arusha site.

I was at Oldeani from 1950 - 1952. I remember the tortoise at the school in Arusha, although I seem to remember that there were two of them.

I loved your site and seeing familiar names. Lovely memories.

Tricia Barton (nee Lane)

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Wendy Sykes
Page Number: 2007 05 01
Extract Date: 1960's

Wendy and Diana Sykes - Arusha School, 1960's

We lived in Tanzania from the late 40s early fifties until 1964.

My father Alan Sykes was with the Agricultural Service stationed variously in Malya, Musoma, Mwanza, Bukoba, Moshi and Arusha.

Married to Barbara with five children all born in in Tanzania. My older sister Diana and I were borders at Arusha school for a period in the early 60s before becoming day girls when my parents moved to Arusha.

We lived in a large German built house behind the Boma. I was good friends with Elizabeth Watts whose parents Bunny and Reggie had a coffee farm out near Usa River.

They lived near the Von Nagys (sp) whose daughter Nandine was also a friend. Diana and I want to send stuff and ask questions. Is this the main route?

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Louis van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 03
Extract Date: 1960's

asking about Rosemary Goodman

Hi Lolly [Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate)]

Read your insert on David's site. You were asking about Rosemary Goodman?

She married an engineer from the UK, Derek Peacock, who was doing something in Moshi in the late sixties. From there I think they went straight to the then Rhodesia, where they still live, in Harare. My parents lived there until about six years ago and my mother still in contact with Rosie's mom, Peggy.

Will try and get her address and mail it to you.

Regards, Louis van Rooyen

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Louis van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 03
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

trip back to Tanzania

Hi Lolly, [Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate)]

My wife, Linda (nee Newby) and I are taking a trip back to Tanzania in December of 2007 and were browsing Arusha sites to jog our memories, when we found you on David's site!

I remember receiving a star on a Monday (or was it Fridays?) during assembly for 'saving' you from drowning - when you slipped out of your tube going down the slide in the swimming pool!!! Spoke to Bob and Phyllis briefly the other day - we are now living in SA after my parents emigrated to Rhodesia in '71.

Yes, Rosie and Tony are still in Harare, confirmed by Pamela and Gordon Chapman, who spent a week with us in November last year (now in UK)

Brother, Jan (aka: 'Boeta') and his wife Michelle and my mother will be joining us on our nostalgic tour, starting at Annabel (ex Fowler) in Tanga.

Take care


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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Chris Thorne
Page Number: 2007 05 04
Extract Date: 1938

Iringa 1938

I was born at IRINGA in 1938, were my father Richard Thorne was Commander of the POLICE. I am anxious to find photos of Iringa at, or around this time and I wondered if you at ntz could help, or tell me of another site that might be able or willing to do so.


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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Ian Cruden Rodger
Page Number: 2007 05 05
Extract Date: 05-May-2007

Dr Yeager?

A very fine website, which has helped me with my collection of conflicts in the twentieth century, but my primary purpose is to ask Dr. Yeager whether his first name, Rodger, means he is related to an Ayrshire family and, if it is, he is willing to give mr his family background to see whether we are related.

Apologies if this is strictly not what your feedback is about!

Ian Rodger

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Paul Bolstad
Page Number: 2007 05 08
Extract Date: 2007

My young brother, Dan, found your website somehow and sent me the link. I have found it fascinating.

My story is a bit different from most that I have seen so far:

My father was an American missionary, sent to restart a printing press for the mission in the aftermath of WWII.(1946). We lived at Vuga in the Usambara Mts. We lived in Tanganyika for two five year 'terms', leaving for the last time in 1957. My father had a heart condition that prevented him from returning to the work he loved and the people of the Usambaras.

I finished university in 1966 and returned that year as a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in an agricultural project in Morogoro Region(Kilombero) for two years.

Later, I moved to Kenya, to the sugar producing areas around Lake Victoria for another year. After further education, I returned to TZ in 1974 with my wife, Shirley, to teach at a secondary school just outside Arusha, called Enaboishu. I was an employee(missionary) of the Lutheran Church of America, but serving under the authority of the ELCT(the local Lutheran Church).

We had two children born in Nairobi during that time. Our oldest was a student at Arusha School from 1979 to 1982, the year we returned to USA. We have not been back since. However, we are planning a return safari for this November, especially to visit the area where my parents served from 1946 to 1957, with my two daughters and my two sisters and a brother�all with their spouses. We will be a group of ten or more. It will be a 'trip of a lifetime'�

I have made the acquaintance of a Tom Linton, an artist who is a representative of Dieter Czurn's safari company. He was a student at Arusha School and later, at secondary school in Nairobi. His father built the pryretheum factory in Arusha. He will know many of the names in your website! I'll make sure he is aware of your website� perhaps he already knows about it.

I have extensive knowledge of the American missionary family from the Arusha area and can answer questions or put people in contact with old friends from that community. Our neightbor from Ilboru, Dave Simonson, still lives in Arusha although he is in declining health these days. Many of his family are in the safari business and are, in fact, arranging our safari.

I knew Deiter Czurn's father well; my father depended on him for repairs to vehicles used in the pubslishing house. I hope to meet up with him some day.

I didn't see your background and history anywhere on the website�perhaps I didn't look in the right place. During our 8.5 years in the Arusha area we met many of the old time 'wazungus', although many of them have passed on.

One, 'Edward, the Polish butcher' is still there and very much alive and operating his business out of his house. I am interested in the history of Polish refugees and will try to visit the cemetary at Tengeru.

I have a brother-in-law who is Jewish and he is interested in any Jewish immigration and history. I would welcome any information anyone out there would know, especially if there were any Jewish immigrants from Poland among those refugees!

I'm sorry this is so long, but I am one of those who has been bitten by the Africa bug, more specifically the Tanzania variety. In total I have lived 22.5 years of my life there(I still speak Swahili fluently) and find that it will always pull me back�

Cheers, Paul Bolstad

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: David Arundel
Page Number: 2007 05 09
Extract Date: 09-May-2007

just some feed back on Nkosi Sikelel'I Afrika is mainly true I have to mention that it's not the national anthem of Namibia, even though the song is the national anthem of many southern african states. The national anthem of Namibia is 'Namibia, Land of the Brave' and you can hear it on (see link) but be warned it's a real wankey anthem even by African standards.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: William de Villiers
Page Number: 2007 05 09
Extract Date: 09-May-2007

Researching the life and times of Cyril Redfearn

Lovely site! Well done indeed. My grandfather, A.G. de Villiers (known far and wide as DV), was an officer in the Tanganyika Territory Police and spent time in Northern Tanganyika.

Can you help me with some info.?

I am researching the life and times of Cyril Redfearn. He settled and commenced farming in Tanganyika Territory between c. 1922-24, being listed in the 1925 edition of the 'East African Red Book' as a planter at Moshi.

Thereafter he moved to 'Arusha' - probably Mbulu (he is listed as a resident of Arusha in the 1931 edition of the 'East African Red Book'.)

After War broke out he was appointed by the Custodian of Enemy Property, Tanganyika Territory, to manage the Oldeani Estates. (He was created an MBE in the New Year�s Honours of 1945 for this work.)

After the war he continued farming for his own account at Mbulu, and was elected as a committee member of the Mbulu Farmers� Association in 1950 (see 'East Africa and Rhodesia' (24 August 1950), p. 1557.) At some stage thereafter (when?) he retired to live in Kenya - being listed in the Kenya Telephone Directory for July 1961 as a resident at Hema Estate in Kabete near Nairobi.

I don't know when he died.

Could you possibly help flesh out this story a little ?

Many thanks indeed

William de Villiers

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tom Linton
Page Number: 2007 05 09
Extract Date: 09-May-2007

Two tragic plane tales.

The other man standing over the rhino looks very much like like Mr. Krokowski (polish refugee from Nazi occupied Poland). He owned a jewelry store around the corner from the grocery store on the corner of the town square/roundabout. He had mines around the country, was chief of police, and a big game hunter for many years (trading in ivory), and was eventually killed in his small aircraft on the slopes of Monduli hills. He got into a slip stream and couldn't pull out. His son Joseph survived and lives in London. I was supposed to go up with them that day, but my mother had a call from Mrs. Watts (who lived out past Lake Duluti) asking if I would take out her daughter Dawn, horseriding. After a heated argument, my mother won out, and I had to ride the six miles out there to take Dawn riding!

The picture of the horse. That's the Miller home which was on Themi [Temi] road just before you enter Themi coffee estate, on the way to the Pyrethrum factory built by my father Dr. John Linton, who passed away last year. When my horse arrived on the train from Nairobi, he was boarded in the Miller's paddock for a while. Mr. Miller left the country during the nationalization period (of socialism) with his wealth, in stones, and was sadly killed when the small plane he was absconding in crashed.


Tom Linton

p.s I last heard Jonn Boveniser is 'Down Under' farming.

I've only just now glanced at your site, so I'll give it another persusal and let you know what else I find.

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Linda (Newby) van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 13
Extract Date: 1965-69

Linda Newby, Arusha School, 1965-69

Hi Shaun [Conner],

Saw your link on David's site. Our times at Arusha School must have overlapped a little, although I regret I cannot recall you.

However, my father, Joe Newby farmed on the slopes of the Crater near Oldeani, and I think I recall your father ?? Known to us as Colonel Conner?

I was at Arusha School from 1965 to 1969 and was friendly with Fe McIntyre, Alta van Rooyen, Nicola Ghaui, and a whole lot of girls, whose names escape me at the moment!

I married an ex-Tanzanian, Louis van Rooyen, whose parents, Isak and Margaret farmed at West Kili.

Louis attended Arusha School from 1960 to 1966 before going on to Belfast, South Africa. My elder brother, Richard Newby was also there during your stint before going on to St Michael's at Soni. So nice 'chatting' to someone from that part of the world!

Regards, Linda

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Linda (Newby) van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 13
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

Eric Balson

Hi, Just to confirm - Eric Balson was married to Viva. They now live in Canada, close to their eldest (of 3 boys) son - Alan.

He published a book on his time in E.A., available from Safari Press. Called 'On safari with bwana game' - Hope this is helpful.

Extract ID: 5373

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Linda (Newby) van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 13
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

Some whereabouts

Robin Ulyate is now in Iringa or thereabouts.

Eric Brown - postmaster at Sany Juu is still alive - 101 and going strong. Now lives in England.

Unfortunately not in touch with either, but know Robin's sister, Phyllis who is in Richmond, SA

Hope this was of interest.

Extract ID: 5372

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Page Number: 2007 05 17

Sisal Fiber

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Est. in trading Sisal fiber products all over Syria since 15 years ago. We have continues orders from Kenya and looking for new source matching our desire in having good prices and high quality.

We are interested in Sisal fiber and we have big quantity ready for confirmation ,So we hope you arrange to send us your best and last possible prices CIF Lattakia port,Syria as following :

UG Grade 100 KG Per Bale & 3L Grade 100 KG Per Bale. Please send us samples urgently to our below mentioned address.

Hoping you could send us your best prices to enable us start Business with your esteem company.

Please send us your address in details.

Waiting your reply urgently.

Best Regards

Thank and regards

Adnan Makansi Est

Aleppo, Syria

Souk AlKhaish

Maybe sisal is making a comeback

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external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Dave Allen
Page Number: 2007 05 19

Just read David Read's 'Beating About the Bush' which indicates he was in Dodoma at the same time as my parents (Jack and Marjorie Allen) lived in Kondoa Irangi and Babati.

They were in Kondoa for 6 years('47 -'53)and a further 3('54 - '57) in Babati. They married in 1947 in Dodoma.

I (David) was born in '48 and my two brothers (Richard and Robert) followed in '50 and '51.

Our family owned the Highland Hotel in Sao Hill which was lost to the Government in the early 60's.

For anyone interested in a number of photo's of that time, my brother has put them on the web (see the link)

I would welcome contact from anyone who knew my parents and would be very interested in whether David Read met them.

Extract ID: 5377

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Trevor Wilson
Page Number: 2007 05 22
Extract Date: 1967

Gift of domestic buffalo

In 1967 the President of Egypt made a gift of domestic buffalo to Mwalimu Nyerere.

I would appreciate any information you have on this (newspaper articles, correspondence, etcetera).

Many thanks for your assistance

Extract ID: 5378

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Fiona Musana
Page Number: 2007 05 23
Extract Date: 2007 May 23

I always get so nostalgic (1977 - 83)

I always get so nostalgic when I visit this website. I was in Arusha a month ago with my two month old daughter. I took her round Arusha school, out of sentimental reasons.

I must admit it felt sad to see the playground in the Junior school in such a dilapidated state. Apart from that alot of the pine trees have been cut.

Lets do something about our old school

On another note, I am still looking for Miss Heddles who was my teacher in standard 1 and 2.

Extract ID: 5364

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tim Clegg
Page Number: 2007 05 25
Extract Date: 1955-60

Sao Hill School

It is fascinating to be reminded of even earlier school years than mine at Sao Hill School. My brother and I were there from around 1955 - 1960. The first matron (I forget her name was not there on my 2nd term as she had been taken back to England for fraud or embezzlement or similar!!!!

I also recall that nuns???? at times came to do innopculations and after making the sign of the cross on the buttock then hit dead centre! I now know that this was not a holy action, but the disection of the buttock which resulted in the correct place to give the injection!

Canings were in great supply for rebels such as myself, and I cannot remember how many 6 of the bests I encountered.

I have not seen any other references to Sao Hill School or heard from any other former 'inmates'!!!!

I now have a legal services company in Devon UK and my brother lives in Cheshire selling industrial plant.

Extract ID: 5379

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Peter Smythe
Page Number: 2007 06 01
Extract Date: 1958-1961

Hi to anyone who will read this and remembers Mbeya School. I was there about 1958 through to 1961 or 2 in Wallingthon House. I recall Mr Morgan, and amongst numerous other events at the school, the sound of the drums from a village late at night not too far away - was this whenever the moon was full, or maybe if some sacred animal had been slaughtered?

I have many menories of the place and would like to contact anyone who may have been there about the same time - or even a year ot 2 later.

Extract ID: 5406

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Paul Beelaerts van Blokland
Page Number: 2007 06 02
Extract Date: 1964-1967

Paul Beelaerts van Blokland, Arusha School 1964-1967

Hi, just found your website and find it very interesting.

I was at Arusha school 64-67


Extract ID: 5407

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Wendy Sykes
Page Number: 2007 06 06
Extract Date: 1960's

What a powerful hold Arusha School has over us still

I keep being drawn back to this site. What a powerful hold Arusha School and more generally our Tanzanian childhoods have over us still.

Diana and I have been remembering so many things. Our mother Barbara used to teach riding at the school. During our time as boarders we had so much freedom compared with the boarding school we attended when exiled to miserable, grey England in the 60s.

We also remember curry peas, gob stoppers and sugar daddies bought with pocket money on Saturday mornings and saved until the Saturday evening film.

We remember lockers in the corridors outside the dormitories, shoe cleaning in the quad where we also dried our hair after Saturday hair washing. We seemed to be allowed to wander all over the school grounds, playing down by the river, climbing trees, catching chameleons, sitting on the poor tortoise.

There were prickly pears outside the school which I seemed unable to resist and I remember the pain and irritation of the little spines when they stuck in your hand.

What about the San and soap enemas for poor unfortunates who were constipated?

There was a really nice convalescent garden where you were allowed to sit and read for a couple of days after you had been ill but before you rejoined the hurly burly of everyday life.

We remember PT on the field first thing, playing hockey in the afternoon, athletics and sports day, carols by candlelight at Christmas - holding real burning candles.

Mrs White was it who taught us singing? Does anyone remember the rain guage on the lawn outside the front of the school that someone went to read every day?

And what about the earthquake in 63(?) which I found very frightening especially when the whisper passed round the school that it was only the precursor to some more violent quake.

Our uncle Arthur Brown farmed Pyrethrum on Kilimanjaro with his wife Anne and three sons Peter, Rob and Micheal who were home schooled before going to Soni.

Extract ID: 5412

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Nils Lundgren
Page Number: 2007 06 08

It was a great pleasure to meet you and your charming wife when I visited you and I have to say I would have liked to have spent a good deal more time chatting with you as you have obviously made T and Arusha one of your life�s tasks!!

I recall that the lady who sent you the 3 school magazines, Lise, had asked for any info on Ben Benbow who used to manage the New Arusha and the Safari hotels in the good old days and subsequently moved to Nairobi where he ran another couple of hotels until he retired to Attleborough in Norfolk- just outside Norwich, where he ran a restaurant for a number of years.

I am sure he has since passed away but I mentioned that one of his daughters, Sue � the younger of the two, still lived near there but that at that time I couldn�t recall her address. Well I have found it and if you wish to pass it on to Lise whom I think may have been or still is Lise Larsen, whom I also remember, with my compliments please do so.

[please ask]

I have not been in contact with her but obtained the info from a �Boma� reunion magazine last year. The Boma was the nickname for the Kenya Girls High School, in my time at Arusha and the Duck Pond or the Duke of York School in Nbi.

I don�t know where Sue�s elder sister lives, what her married name is or indeed what happened to her after they left Nbi.

As I said before, if there are any blanks anywhere in your info or someone is looking for a contact I may be able to help, although I have to say only to a limited extent with people, however with other details re Arusha and surrounds I may be able to fill in some gaps.

I will be looking at the school web site again shortly to see what else you have added since I last looked and hopefully there will be some new info on it. How did you get on with the Gordon Mumford school websites? Any luck in tracking any more former Arusha pupils down from them?

Once again many thanks for your hospitality and next time I am in Upton I would like to meet up again if you don�t mind. In the meantime if you haven�t already left for T have a good trip and if you have I hope it is all going well.

Salama Nyingi,

Nils Lundgren.

PS . I noted a comment by Linda van Rooyen nee Newby, mentioning Eric Brown�s 101st birthday � I am hoping to find out if he has just celebrated his 102nd when friends of mine who live in Bexhill on Sea where Eric lives go and call on the home where he resides. I haven�t heard from him for over a year now so don�t know what his situation is.

I also noticed a small �aside� of yours wondering about Erica Johnson�s age. As far as I can recall she is about ten years or so older than me � she was the youngest of the Lalle Eckmann girls and was quite a lot younger than Robin when she married him. I would be surprised if she was born in the 1920�s.

My parents would have remembered her age as they were good friends of Lalle Eckmann who was known as Bwana Simba because in his day he regularly came into Arusha with a couple of full grown lions on leads!! He used to own Simba Estate which was the farm next to ours in West Kilimanjaro, but had long sold it and passed away by the time we moved on to it.

Extract ID: 5408

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (Ulyate)
Page Number: 2007 06 11

Hi Linda Newby - van Rooyen.

You should remember me, have not grown much since leaving Arusha School. How is Alta ,I know she is now Burns & has 2 kids but lost contact while in South Africa. Are you in touch with Fe & Nicki? Would love to be in contact to catch up with old friends , still looking out if anyone knows where Linda Rowland is?

This message might be repeated as my connection went down.

Please keep in touch.

Regards Lolly

Extract ID: 5409

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Christine Melady-Knox
Page Number: 2007 06 13
Extract Date: 1940's

I read all of the email entries regarding Tengeru with interst.

My Mother Anna Maria Ciura, her parents Andrezj and Marysia along with my aunts Paolina, Janina, Sofia and Jan lived in Arusha for at least 5 years.

My father Staff Sargent Raymond Francis Melady( East Yorkshire Regiment, stationed in Nairobi) met and Married at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.

I have dozens of pictures from that time but a better source for those looking for information regarding the displaced Poles is a book 'Stolen Childhood' written by Lucjan Krolikowski, there are tons of picutres and stories. Many of these Polish people ended up in Canada and there are many in Sarnia, Ontario and they started up the Polish Catholic Church Queen of Peace.

Although many have died, we their children know their stories and cherish the knowledge that finally in Tengeru, healing for many of them started and they were able to emigrate to Canada, America and Australia among many welcoming countries.

Extract ID: 5410

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Christine Williams
Page Number: 2007 06 14

I have a painting signed by 'Torsten M�ller', that I purchased about 20 years ago along with a old handpainted Swedish bedroom set. Could the artist be related to you? (Torsten M�ller)

It is a scene that looks like a Swedish coutryside - with red farm buidling and road..

Extract ID: 5411

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: John M Kwalazi
Page Number: 2007 06 19


I was born at Mlalo village Lushoto District in 1958, I was told by my grandfather and my father as well that our native comes from one ancester famous known as KIGHOBO,who lived at Mlalo Kituingombe.

Could you please let me know his history, his elder brothers,young brothers also where his remains kept. Any detais don�t hesitate to use email address above


Extract ID: 5413

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tim McCarty
Page Number: 2007 06 20
Extract Date: 1970'S

Mau Mau Book

Many years ago, possibly as long as the early 1970'S(???) I read a book that I feel was one of the most interesting I have ever read.

The book began with two young men, one white and the other African who were best of friends. The first 1/3 of the book was purely becoming acquainted with the characters and the enviroment.

The final 2/3 of the book was about the Mau Mau rising and how the two friends were now on opposing sides, the African man becoming a very powerful chief of the Mau Mau.

I cannot recall the books name or author and have searched extensively, trying to 'stumble' across it. For years I thought the name of the book was something like 'The Lion in Winter'...but from what I can tell, that is another book altogether.

The book was about 600 pages in length.

Does this description sound familiar to anyone? I can recall specific sections of the book and can probably share those if anyone would like to see if it sounds familiar.

Thanks so much for any assistance....

Best Regards,


Extract ID: 5414

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Simon Peters
Page Number: 2007 06 23

Searching Ian Cruden Rodger

I like the site, it�s a digital scrapbook linking past and present. If its possible I'd like to get a message to Ian Cruden Rodger. There was a teacher of that name at my school 20 years ago from whom I learnt a great deal and I am keen to get in touch with him again. Its an unusual name so there is a fair chance it is him.

Sorry if this isnt what this feedback section is for.

Many thanks

Simon Peters

Extract ID: 5415

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Riyaz Manji
Page Number: 2007 06 28
Extract Date: 1967-71

Riyaz Manji --- Arusha School 1967 to 1971

Dear Mr. Nettelbeck

Asante for this website.

This brings back MY CHILD HOOD MEMORIES and they were wonderful.

Sir I do remember you very well you should also because you expelled me. Not proud if but you did. My name is Riyaz Manji lived in Moshi and was at the school from 1967 to 1971. I often talk about the school to my children.

We have two Meekile 14 and Felicia 15. I always tell my son I wish I could afford to send you to a boarding school.

We live in Toronto, Canada.

My wife Julia and I visited the school in 1989 and it brought me great joy. We met Mr. Yakub Dalal. He is still short and loud but he was a good teacher. But then we were lucky to have best teachers and caregiver.

Miss Macha, Mr. Morris and let�s not forget sexy Miss Anthony. Miss Allan music teacher now I will never forget her she was the best.

My love to her I wish I could tell her my self. Mrs. Kikiidis kept us healthy I do miss her food. Twiga always served us well. Thank you.

Ah ha students we were the best in swimming, horse back riding and many sports. I don�t remember many names but one for some reason I want forget Lorenzo Trevizani we got along well. Thank you to all and will always be in my heart. Sir you may share my phone number or Email address.

Sir Thank You, God bless you.

Riyaz Manji

Extract ID: 5416

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lise Larsen
Page Number: 2007 07 02

Cyril Hamshere

Hi David, I have recently been in contact with Tonia Hamshere and she tells me that her father Cyril Hamshere was actually born in Kabete outside Nairobi and it was her that was born in Georgetown Guyana so I would appreciate it if this could be changed I am very sorry for the mistake. I guess you are getting heaps of info with lots of people enjoying a trip down memory lane.

Keep up with the good work. Cheers Lise

Extract ID: 5417

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Annette Walczynska
Page Number: 2007 07 03

Researching my husbands family background

I have been researching my husbands family background and on his mothers side (nee Paterek ) found that his Grandfather Jan Paterek spent some time in Tanzania with 3 of his daughters following their release from a Russian labour camp in 1941.

They were Polish nationals living in the Brest area of Poland when deported to Siberia? By the invading Russian army in 1940. We have found out quite a bit about their life in the logging camp in Siberia but what we don�t know is how these members of the family ended up in Tanzania whilst my husbands mother and her brother were in South Africa for some time and I believe enlisted in the Polish Army there.

Eventually the family reunited in the UK and all settled and married here but much of their 'journey' remains untold and Im trying to fill the gaps. If anyone has any information that may fill those gaps I would be most grateful.

Extract ID: 5418

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Sven Figenschou
Page Number: 2007 07 04


I was so glad to see this web-site :)

I was born in Moshi in Tanzania in oktober 1962. My mother was called Betty Ann Lydia Ulyate - born the 4th of June 1939. She died in 19th of oktober 1982. I have so little information on my mothers side.

My aunt June, who went to the Arusha School, has moved to south Africa, and I am in the prosess of finding her too :)

Do you have any information on my mothers family who lived in Arusha and in Kenya? My mothers father died when she was twelve - that must have been in 1951. Her father was called Ulyate. Mothers three sisters moved to SA in the sixtees. I would appreciate any help.

My father, Bjorn Figenschou still lives in Arusha. He was married to mum for 25 years.

Kind regards

Extract ID: 5419

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Anthony Harvey
Page Number: 2007 07 05

Searching Stanley R Ulyate

I am trying to trace Stanley R Ulyate, who was the best man at my wedding in August 1963.

He is +/- 65 went to Arusha school, his father, I believe, was a Magistrate during the Mau Mau crisis.

He went into the hotel business, serving his 'apprenticeship' at the Dorchester Hotel London. He was, during his business career, manager at the Vic. Falls hotel in Zimbabwe (that once wonderful country).

I lost contact with Stan when he immigrated to Australia. If anyone in the Ulyate clan knows of his whereabouts, I would appreciate an address (preferably and e-mail) and/or 'phone number.

Kind regards

Anthony Harvey

PS My address in England is:-

[please ask]

Extract ID: 5420

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Jackie Little
Page Number: 2007 07 07

I remember Mark Morgan at Mbeya School

Unbelievable - I remember Mark Morgan at Mbeya School,

Mr Morgan was headmaster and my sister (Kitty) also went there around 1958 (I was in Wallington, the red house). We watched old laurel and hardy films on a Saturday night as a treat and there were fancy dress parties at end of term.

I remember so much of Mbeya, even the food and the sick bay (huge jabs we used to have)! I would love to hear from anyone who went to Mbeya, Turi or Kenya High School - I have quite a lot of pics of Mbeya - remember so many names still! Great times growing up in East Africa in the '50s/60s!

Extract ID: 5421

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Alan McFarland
Page Number: 2007 07 10
Extract Date: 1935-43

Alan McFarland, Arusha School 1935-43

I remember my days at Arusha School from 1935 to 1943.

David Read was at Arusha before me; his story of the end-of-term road journey from Arusha to Dodoma was often endured by me. The military convoys that travelled that road during the war littered that awful route with many wrecked vehicles.

I also remember Tinker Holyer,Tom Porter,the Bousefields, Ko Dam, Werner David, Jimmy McCallum, John Dare, Rolf Damman, Mary Reid and on and on.

I am not about to write a book, but would like to have a natter with anyone who went to Arusha during those exciting days. I am married with three grown kids who are living not far from me in the U.S.A. Incidentally I served in the British Army during the Korean War and had some mad moments in Northern and Southern during 'the troubles'. Nuff said.

Extract ID: 5422

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Chris Stylianou
Page Number: 2007 07 10
Extract Date: 1956

I was thrilled to see my uncle Stelio Stylianou won a art prize in 1956 whilst in kintergarden. This may be a bit late but congrats anyway


Extract ID: 5423

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Bart Moore-Gilbert
Page Number: 2007 07 10
Extract Date: 1960's

I was at Sao Hill (Southern Highlands) School 1960-2, then Soni (St Michael's) 1962-4. Keen to contact any contemporaries, of whom I am sure Emil Karafiat was one.

My father was also in the Game Department until 1965. Really enjoyed the message-board which triggered lots of memories.

Best wishes, Bart Moore-Gilbert

Extract ID: 5424

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Robert Palmer-Wilson
Page Number: 2007 07 21

Researching Clary Palmer-Wilson

Came across your very interesting website and wondered if anyone knows or remembers any of the Palmer-Wilson family.

I believe my father Clary, a Proffessional Hunter 1930-1960ish ,was based at Arusha and my half-brothers Michael and Richard went to Arusha school. I would be most grateful for any information or snippets concerning them.

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work. Robert.

And on the 25 July 2007

Hi Gaynor, (presumable Gaynor Watkins)

I am searching for information concerning my father Clary Palmer-Wilson. My half-brothers Mike, Richard and Donald who may have gone to Arusha school at about the time you were there. I would be very most interested and grateful if you knew them or of someone who did and was willing to send me any information.

Warmest Regards

Extract ID: 5425

external link

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Martin
Page Number: 2007 07 28
Extract Date: 28-Jul-2007

Serengeti darf nicht sterben

'Serengeti darf nicht sterben' on Amazon.de:

Sprache (language): Deutsch, Englisch

It includes 'Kein Platz f�r wilde Tiere' by the way.

Extract ID: 5426

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tim Hunt
Page Number: 2007 07 28
Extract Date: 28-Jul-2007

The Life and Times of Mzee I. M. Bhoke Munanka

Hello, I am very interested in your website. I have just started writing a biography called 'The Life and Times of Mzee I. M. Bhoke Munanka'

Mr. I. M. Bhoke Munanka was the Minister of State of Tanzania in Nyerere's first government.

I have been given the first of a number of unpublished photographs and I am trying to place the people, location and time. It would be great if you would be kind enough to reply.

Extract ID: 5427

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Michael D'Amore
Page Number: 2007 07 31
Extract Date: 31-Jul-2007

Back in the 1950s I watched lots of wildlife TV.

One has stayed with me - that of mountain goats startled by a 'filming safari.' The goats jumped into a chasm and made their way down by bouncing back and forth on the parallel walls. Pretty sure it wasn't a dream since I saw a picture some years later (but lost the contact info). I though it was Martin & Ossa Johnson but have not been able to identify.

I've searched on and off since the internet came around.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Extract ID: 5429

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: John Szabanowicz
Page Number: 2007 07 31
Extract Date: 31-Jul-2007

Szabanowicz Family

Hello. I just came across your site whilst trying to find out more about my Family background.

My mother Emily (now 77) and her Family were Polish refugees based in Tengeru and I'm trying to find people that may have known them.

The Family name is Szabanowicz and the Family consisted of my grandmother Maria and her five children, Helena, Fatima, Mina (Emily), Jacob and Adam. My mother and her youngest brother Adam are now the only survivors.

If anyone has any knowledge of them or can recall the Family, I would be grateful to hear from them.

Extract ID: 5428

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Monica Harper nee DAUBER
Page Number: 2007 08 05
Extract Date: 1960's

Message for Sarah Slater nee Burnett.

I remember your family well. They lived two doors away and I vividly remember being taken to see Patrick when he was first born. He had an amazing wooden cot!

Sarah, your mother was a really talented artist and my father treasued a picture she gave him. The Arusha school site is very nostalgic!! BL Jones, Mrs Fischer, etc. etc.

I am going to Arusha in September to climb Kili before I get too old!!

Hope to see the tortoise, it was still there in 1995 when I was last there.

Yes, I remember the McPhillips family; what about the de Haaf boys? Do you remeber the Christmas Parties at the Club?

Extract ID: 5430

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Laura Ngei
Page Number: 2007 08 05

To have the Africans as uncredited in this movie is ridiculous. My father Paul Ngei and other Africans acted this movie and to discredit all is the actors that are African in this movie,when they worked hard to make it, is a depiction of pre-colonial era that continues in the world today. This is a world class tourist destination and the eighth wonder of the world. Give it is its dues so that those after can cherish the work of their ancestors.


I couldn't agree more, and the more I collect references to the history of Northern Tanzania, the more I realise that it is all from a white, and often colonial, perspective. If I spoke and read Swahili, then perhaps I could do more to correct the imbalance.

For example recently I've found reference to the Tanzanian who guided Meyer to the top of Kilimanjaro for the "first ascent of the mountain". But there's little reference to him in any of the written sources, but I'm trying to find what I can to add to the site.

Unfortunately my web site doesn't tell me which page you were on when you called up the feedback, so I have to ask which film it was in which your father acted, so I can give him the credit. Otherwise I can only apologise for my source - which I'm guessing was the Internet Movie Database, for the lack of recognition and respect.

Just now doing an internet search I find the Obituary for your father printed in the UK Daily Telegraph which includes " Having studied drama at Makere , he tried his hand at acting, gaining a small part in the feature film, Where No Vultures Fly (1951), which starred Anthony Steel and Dinah Sheridan." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/08/27/db2702.xml

I shall add this quote to the web site.

I also see that he has an entry in the IMDB http://stuart.imdb.com/name/nm0618471/ and is listed in the full film credits, which are the source I used http://www.ntz.info/gen/n01328.html

Maybe there was another film in which he acted?

The reason I've included the Film "Where No Vultures Fly", even though it was set and filmed in Kenya, is that I remember seeing it as a small boy living in Arusha, and the issues it raises relate to all of East Africa.

By the way - have you seen the book "Africa on Film" by Kenneth Cameron (0-8264-0658-0).

2007 09 09 Thank you David for your timely reply.The website www.ntz.info Where No Vultures Fly - credits, extract ID 4294.

Initially, when I did research this movie - Where No Vultures Fly- I came across nTZ.info website that listed all the actors� names and the roles they played. However, when I looked to see which part Paul Ngei played, 'Ondego,' I saw that beside his name was uncredited written in parenthesis. This to my understanding is that there are doubts to whether it was he that played, 'Ondego'. Well, I watched this movie, and I do verify that it is indeed Paul Ngei who starred in this movie as 'Ondego'.

This movie won royal accolade. More than entertain, I believe it told a story that sparked commencement of the conservation of wildlife in that part of East Africa. This is now today one of the eight wonders of the world.

It would also nice to have all the other Africans recognized too. Though they were not professional actors, this was a one-time deal, and some of them moved on to do greater things. Whatsoever minimal roles they played, I believe they do deserve proper recognition. It is my sincere hope that your website will do the proper thing and rectify this �by deleting the word unaccredited� that is alongside the list of all the African actors.

I see all other actors have been credited, and doubt remains where the Africans played a role in producing the movie. I have the movie and would be glad to share it with you, and also see that all the other actors are represented fairly in the roles they played.

Extract ID: 5431

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Dr Arshad Kamal Khan
Page Number: 2007 08 06

I have visited this website several times and find it amazing as it remind me of many things of what used to be Tanganyika.

I have been looking for some information regarding one Col. Connor whom I saw and met in Moshi.

I was a student of Karimjee Secondary School in Tanga and we often took part in hockey tournaments in Moshi and Arusha. There were several teams from Tanganyika taking part in those tournaments. The Sikh Union had organised one tournament and the other was the Khanbhai Cup tournament. Later the selection for the hockey teams took place in Moshi and Col. Conners was a member of the selection committee.

I remember seeing him in Khaki shorts. There were talks among us that he had served in the British Indian Army. He had a sunburnt complexion and used to smoke pipe. He was indeed an interesting character. I would appreciate if anyone has a photograph of him and could email me regarding further information.

I did once hear from somebody, few years back, that Col. Conner later lived in Nairobi.

Extract ID: 5433

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Richard Hatter
Page Number: 2007 08 09

It's been a while

It's been a while since I last visited the site.

I have come across a considerable amount of movie film footage of Arusha school the nativity play (I'm on horseback etc�) would love to share it.

I cannot find the feedback I left and would like to contact Kiti Jani and Elizabeth Ulyate Alan Angelidies and Danuta Sheliga if you have their contacts please

(Contact info sent)

Extract ID: 5435

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: William de Villiers
Page Number: 2007 08 10
Extract Date: 1945

Large-scale wheat production at Oldeani, Tanganyika Territory in 1943 and 1944

Update: Together with N. R. Fuggles-Couchman, in October 1945 Cyril Redfearn published �Large-scale wheat production at Oldeani, Tanganyika Territory in 1943 and 1944� in The East African Agricultural Journal (vol. 11, no. 2)

Extract ID: 5437

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lindsay Manuel
Page Number: 2007 08 10
Extract Date: 1970's

Searching Mike Dove

I was looking up pictures of wild life in East africa when I saw the Picture of Mr.George Dove, an remembered him, I was in the Serengeti national park in the early 70's and my father introduced us to him and his son Mike, My fathers name, Jacques Manuel, worked as the Reginal Engineer for the Arusha Region.

I would love to find out where if possible are the Dove family in Australia.

I am in Sydney.

Extract ID: 5436

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Hanif Dharsee
Page Number: 2007 08 14
Extract Date: 1967-69

Hanif Dharsee - Arusha School - Hanif Dharsee

about: connecting with Linda (Newby) van Rooyen (1966-1969)

Hello Linda, saw your message. It did bring back some memories. I don't think you remember me. I am sorry I don't recall you. Attended the school during 1967-69 but I do remember Fe McIntyre with her long hair. Do you know where she is?

Enjoy your trip back. Keep in touch. Regards.

Extract ID: 5445

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Elizabeth Russell nee Palfrey
Page Number: 2007 08 15

about: Lise Larsen and Ane.

I was thrilled to read the pieces from Lise Larsen.

Her sister Ane was a very dear friend of mine and Ane and her husband were at my wedding in Nairobi in March 1960. I would really love to make contact with Ane again and catch up on 47 years!

I have been all over the world since then and currently live in Sugar Land, Texas.

My parents were farmers at Olmolog, West Kilimanjaro. Dad (Arthur Palfrey)was killed in a plane crash in 1970 in the Monduli mountains.

My mother (Gladys Amelia Palfrey) went to South Africa with my brother and sisters where they still reside.

Reading all the news from old friends and school chums is fascinating. Keep it up!

Extract ID: 5446

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Page Number: 2007 08 21
Extract Date: 1979 - 1984

Priya and Rakhi Behal, Arusha School 1979 - 1984

We attended Arusha School from 1979 - 1984. We would like to get in touch with anyone who would be interested in walking down memory lane and sharing fond memories with us.

I, Priya Behal, studied with Fiona Musana and I am sorry to hear about Mrs.Musana - who was an excellent English teacher. Hope to hear from some one from that period.... What a wonderful idea this alumni is. Please keep it up.

Extract ID: 5456

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Joyce Walala
Page Number: 2007 08 22
Extract Date: 2005

Those were the Days

I like browsing over the net. I am so Impressed with Fiona Musana keeping update with the school. I become so sentimental whenever I think of thse days, real arusha school. I last visited in 2005 and yes Mr tortoise is still there.

But it is sad to see that all the space that used to be swings and beutiful playgrounds ..all gone. Latest news Mrs Walala is retiring sept 14, 2007 on her 60th birthday. wish her all the best Mwalimu.

Extract ID: 5457

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Shaun Conner
Page Number: 2007 08 23
Extract Date: 1947


I see that a Dr Ashad Kamal Khan is after information on my late Uncle, Col Conner. Perhaps you can put him in touch with me and I can provide the info he is after.

I can confirm that my Uncle was indeed in the British Indian Army for 35 years before moving to Tanganika in 1947, where he farmed in Oldeani. He moved to live in Nairobi in 1970 but kept a Farm at West Kilimanjaro until it was compulsarily purchased by the Govt in 1975.

He died in 1994 aged nearly 100, still driving and independent and he kept up his interest in Sports in Kenya. I indeed have plenty of photographs etc as i inherited all his personal papers and memorabilia. Thanks

Extract ID: 5444

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Page Number: 2007 08 23








Extract ID: 5458

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Page Number: 2007 08 24
Extract Date: 1963-67

Stan Fourie, Arusha School, 1963-67

Enjoyed looking through the Arusha School site.

Was a former pupil (1963 -1967).

My father was in the Vet. Dept and a former pupil of the school (1930s).

Various cousins as well as my elder brother and two sisters also attended. Great memories of the school (and the tortoise). Have still got an autograph book from that period which has a small painting by Joan Burnett (our art teacher), another by Sally Northwood (teacher) and Miss C DaCosta (Matron).

Some class mates included Robbie Sossi, Mike Rothblitze, Ivan Da Silva and the Ashdown twins (Gus and Andrew).

Returned to Arusha last year after 38 years and took my wife and young daughter to the school. The Headmaster (Mr Nkurwa) was very pleasant and helpful and allowed us to tour the buildings and grounds.

We were delighted to find the old tortoise still going strong! Took several photos but unfortunately the grounds/swimming pool were not well maintained but it was still great to do a trip down memory lane.

I was also pleased to meet George Angelides again as his parents and mine were very good friends.

Would like to hear from any body who may remember me or my family.

Kind regards Stan. Fourie

Extract ID: 5459

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: David Holdcroft
Page Number: 2007 08 26

trying to find information on arusha school and lushoto school

My mother went to arusha school and lushoto school.

As a surprise I have been trying to find as much information as I can. However the problem is I don�t have exact dates she attended each school.

I do know she went to lushoto school in 1960s but she attended arusha school prior to and after.

If you could put her name on the site and if anyone recognises it could they get in touch.

I am hoping to get some evidence showing her attending these schools maybe some photos.

Her name is Hester Ellen Rijkebusch.

Hope anyone can help.. dave

Extract ID: 5460

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Page Number: 2007 09 01

Arusha School from 1979 - 1983

I studied In Arusha School from 1979 - 1983. Nice to read about Fiona Musana who happened to be my classmate. Please print this message for her and any other friends from that era�..Keep up the good work.

PS this is my second email in a month and I was sincerely hoping to hear from someone....anyone??? or even see a few words printed on the web.... Thanks

Extract ID: 5462

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Robert Lindsay
Page Number: 2007 09 01

Margarethe Trappe and Indiana Jones

Are you aware that Margarethe Trappe appears in an episode of George Lucas's TV series, 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.'

The series chronicles the adventures of young Indiana Jones (played by Sean Patrick Flanery) before, during, and after World War I.

In the episode, 'Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom,' young Indy is a soldier in British East Africa. He joins the 25th Royal Fusiliers, a real life regiment that was made up of English, American, Scottish, Russian, and South African soldiers, most of whom were too old to fight in the regular army.

Indy joins a group of elderly Fusiliers headed by real-life big game hunter, Captain Frederick Selous (Paul Freeman). In the two-part episode, the Fusiliers have two missions behind German lines in East Africa.

In the first mission, Indy and the Fusiliers must destroy a huge German rail gun that has been inflicting heavy casualties on the British forces in Africa. After locating the train in a hidden underground fortress, Indy and the Fusilers succeed at destroying the gun.

In the second mission, Indy and the Fusiliers try to kidnap the famous German Lt. Col. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, who commanded Germany's small African force during World War I. On the way to the Colonel's camp, Indy and the Fusiliers encounter young Margarethe Trappe (played by actress Lynsey Baxter).

Unfortunately, Margarethe is serving as a courier and reconnaisance pilot for the Germans. When Indy and the Fusiliers invade the German camp, it is Margarethe who alerts the German soldiers to their presence.

Indy attempts to kidnap von Lettow-Vorbeck using a hot air balloon. However, Margarethe follows in her bi-plane and shoots down the balloon. When the balloon lands, there is a gunpoint standoff between Indy and Margarethe over the Colonel. With the German army approaching, Indy is forced to give up the Colonel and flee. Margarethe takes the von Lettow-Vorbeck in her plane and escapes with him.

The story is probably heavily fictionalized. (Was Margarethe Trappe a pilot in real-life?) But it shows how much research George Lucas puts into his work, to include these historical characters.

'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' will be released on Region 1 and Region 2 DVD later this fall. I know 'The Phantom Train of Doom' is available on VHS video. I don't know about PAL video.

Extract ID: 5461

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Frannie L�autier
Page Number: 2007 09 08

The Siedentopfs

I read your website with interest. I have a few queries.

You mention that Adolph Siedentoph met with Prof Hans Reck in 1933 and one of the comments sent in by a reader of your site suggests that Adolph died in Alabama USA.

There seem to be a discrepancy with the key dates as the 1900 Census lists more than 100 Siedentopfs living in the USA in the 1930's, including an Adolf Siedentopf with an address in 1930 in Talladega, Alabama.

Another source, the Kolonial Handels Adressbuch of 1936, lists two Siedentopfs in Africa in the 1930's, none of which is named Adolf (Adolph) --- there is a HansGerhard and a Werner Alwin Wilhelm.

With so many people named Siedentopf, including in Namibia, would you happen to have other corroborating sources that suggest that the Adolph Siedentopf of Ngorongoro actually moved to Alabama?

The dates do not seem to support this but perhaps I missed some key information in your website.

Many thanks for the very informative site.

Extract ID: 5463

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Graham Mercer
Page Number: 2007 09 20 a

Could Kilimanjaro itself be an abbreviation of Kilima Manjaro

Got one or two queries for you.

Have always been intrigued by the name "Kilimanjaro" and recently saw a village called "Manjaro" on the map, close to Singida.

If the village, which is close to a prominent hill, it seems, was named "Manjaro" before the mountain was called "Kilimanjaro" it might prove interesting, once we find out what "Manjaro" means or how it was derived.

Could Kilimanjaro itself be an abbreviation of Kilima Manjaro"? Or was the village I refer to named after the mountain (which is very far away fo course) and abbreviated?

Would appreciate any suggestions etc. from you or your readers - meanwhile hope all is well!

Extract ID: 5470

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Graham Mercer
Page Number: 2007 09 20 b

Why was "Tanganyika" adopted by the British as the name of the whole country

A more general point on the subject of names. "Tanganyika" seems to have first been used of the lake, and I believe that "tanga" means sail (of a dhow) and of course "nyika" means bush, particulalry dry thornbush. Presumably the name derives from something such as "The place in the bush where sailboats are found".

But why was "Tanganyika" adopted by the British as the name of the whole country, during the mandate?

Would appreciate any suggestions etc. from you or your readers - meanwhile hope all is well!

Extract ID: 5472

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Graham Mercer
Page Number: 2007 09 20 c

Did Ernest Hemingway ever stayed at the New Safari Hotel in Arusha

Also, any more info on whether Ernest Hemingway ever stayed at the New Safari Hotel in Arusha?

Would appreciate any suggestions etc. from you or your readers - meanwhile hope all is well!

Extract ID: 5471

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: C.D.Mahajan
Page Number: 2007 09 22
Extract Date: 22-Sep-2007

Beautiful website, equally beautiful maps and pictures.Bravo!! We are visiting Tanzania from 26th Sept. to 9th Oct.2007 to participate in International Rural Surgeons Conference at Ifakara.

We Have taken 1000 Dollar Tanzania Tour from local tour operator. What should we expect from him? Can we get information regarding site seeing about Serengeti Park, Ngorongoro,Kilimanjaro, Arusha via e-mail? What would you suggest for a first time visitor? Like to know about Ifakara and surroundings.

Thank you. C.D.Mahajan

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (Ulyate)
Page Number: 2007 09 24
Extract Date: 24-Sep-2007


Hi Mangat .I don't know if you would remember me as I was the youngest of the Ulyates. My brother Bryan lives in London ,Valerie & David are in South Africa & I'm in Ireland.

The only Ulyate back in Tanzania is my cousin Robin who is in the Iringa area.

Extract ID: 5475

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (Ulyate)
Page Number: 2007 09 24
Extract Date: 24-Sep-2007

Robin Ulyate

His sister Sally lives with hubby Peter & family in Scotland.

Extract ID: 5474

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tim Hood
Page Number: 2007 09 27
Extract Date: 1959

Bart, Sao Hill School 1960-61


I remember you as a blonde, energetic boy with an older brother. You might remember me as a kid with glasses who hated being called �Goggles�. I went to school in Somerset where, in about 1963 bumped into the headmaster Mr. Holland at a cricket match....he was a teacher at the opposing school.. In 1968 I and my family moved to Perth, Western Australia.

Extract ID: 5478

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tim Hood
Page Number: 2007 09 27
Extract Date: 1959

Mbeya School 1959

I was at Mbeya School in 1959 in Burton House....green I think. I was only there for two terms as we moved to another part of the country. One of my favourite memories is of the resident drummer who would walk around the school playing, indicating that it was time to line up for meal times, or any other major event. Miss Humphreys was my teacher....I was seven. In 1960 I went to school in the UK and then in 1968 moved to Perth, Western Australia.

Ring any bells with anyone???

Extract ID: 5477

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Tim Hood
Page Number: 2007 09 27
Extract Date: 1960-61

Sao Hill School 1960-61

I was an inmate at Sao Hill about 1960-61 for a year or so. Names that spring to mind are Mr. Holland, the headmaster who moved to the south west of England in the early 60�s, the Moore-Gilbert brothers, Barry Sandilands and a boy called Guest who shared a birthday with me. Unfortunately he got to raise the flag on our birthday....and I didn�t because two was a crowd. I remember frequent canings.....sometimes in my pygamas which was particularly painful. In 1961 I went to school in Somerset and then at 16 we as a family moved to Perth, Western Australia. Any connectios????

Extract ID: 5476

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Bj�rn Edward Figenschou
Page Number: 2007 09 30
Extract Date: 30-Sep-2007

Betty Ann Lydia Figenschou, nee Ulyate

Betty Ann Lydia Figenschou, nee Ulyate was born June 5th 1939, deceased October 19th 1982, burried at Stokke Church in Stokke, Vestfold, Norway

Her parents; Edward and Sonia, nee Smith

Her siblings:

Diana Nineham, South Africa,

Herbert Ulyate, England,

June Kramwinkel, South africa,

Leoni Ulyate, South Africa.

Extract ID: 5479

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Les Brownlow
Page Number: 2007 10 05
Extract Date: 1961-63

Les Brownlow Arusha School 1961-63

Great web site, we are fortunate to have you keeping it up to date. Good work.

My family lived in Tanganyika > Tanzania from 1954 to 1968. We were first stationed in Kongwa where my father, Les Brownlow Sr. was a teacher and House Master at Kongwa School. My mother, Vera Brownlow was matron. We left Kongwa when the school closed in 1959 and moved to Moshi where my father took up a post at the Moshi Trade School.

I went to Arusha School between 1961 and 1963 after which I was sent to St Mary's School Nairobi to contunue my eduaction.

I have fond menories of Kongwa, Moshi and Arusha. The postings from the Arusha School Alumni are particularly poignant.

One thing might be of general interest, we have cine film records (now on video) starting in Kongwa about 1955 and going through to 1968 and beyond. I find it fascinating to see this early film covering all aspects of life in Tanganyika. It occurs to me that we probably have film of family members of the Arusha School Alumni from those times. We certainly have a lot of coverage of our time at Kongwa and Moshi/Arusha. I know home movies are generally very passe but if anyone is interested it might be possible to compile a few clips for distribution digitally.

Maybe you could post this to the Arusha School Alumni.

Extract ID: 5480

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Hazel Redgrave (nee Miller)
Page Number: 2007 10 08

Mau Mau

Jambo - have just discovered your ntz pages and have spent hours happily reading. I was a Kongwa School girl in 1949 as a day scholar, then 1952-4 as a boarder, but recognise some names.

However, the book that Tim McCarty is looking for about the Mau Mau is: 'Something of Value' by Robert Ruark.

It came out in 1955 (publisher: Hamish Hamilton). I agree, it's a superb book, so is 'Uhuru' by the same author. Both of these books can usually be found on eBay - I got a smashing hardback of each book there for pesa kidogo sana.

Extract ID: 5481

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Erika Roe
Page Number: 2007 10 12
Extract Date: 1959

Family life 1958-1970

I came across your site. I seem to recognise a lot of names. Would appreciate adding mine.

Parents tea farmers near Lupembe. Contact with anyone who might know my family? Peter and Eileen Roe. Sisters went to Arusha school 1959 then on to Nairobi.

So many memories to share. Appreciate a reply.

Extract ID: 5519

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Stanley Ulyate
Page Number: 2007 10 12
Extract Date: 12 Oct 2007

Hi David, Marjorie Borrisow suggested that I look at your very interesting site, and found a request from Sven Figenschou Ref: 2007 07 04 asking for help with his mothers family tree, well, I can help as we are related and I can go back some 8 or 9 generations and would be very happy to give him the details, would you please let me have his address.

I noticed under the above that my friend Anthony Harvey (Ref: 2007 07 05) is looking for me and I would be very grateful if you would let me have his email address and phone number too if possible � I was best man at his wedding.

I found that there are some mistakes concerning my mother and obviously some one has given the wrong information, I will find the reference number and come back to you with the correct information if I may.

And on 30 Oct

Marjorie Borrisow suggested I contact you as Sven Figenshaw is trying to find out information about his mother on your site, well I can give him 10 generations if you let me have his email address.

I notice on your site that Anthony Harvey (I was best man at this wedding) is trying to contact me so I would be grateful if you would let me have his email address or telephone number if you have it.

Marjorie is at present in Tanzania or Kenya visiting old haunts.

I did write to you some time ago and since I did not hear back I think that I may have put in the wrong address - I hope this one gets through to you.

And on 6 Nov

I have information on Betty Ulyate, mother of Sven Figenshaw and would appreciate his email address.

I note from your site that a friend of mine Anthony Harvey is trying to contact me and again I would be very happy if you would send me his contact details.

Information on my mother Katharing Hilda Borwick given by someone is incorrect and I would like to send you the correct details if I may.

And on 12 Dec

Hi David, I sent you a message a few minutes ago and can find no record of it having gone so I am rewriting it again.

Marjorie Borrissow suggested that I look at your most interesting site and I found Sven Fiegenschou (ref: 2007-07-04) is looking for information about his mothers side of the family, well I am related and can help and can send him information of 8 to 9 generations back, I would be grateful if you would let me have his email address and I will let him have what I have got.

Right under the above, I found that my friend Anthony Harvey (ref 2007-07-05) is looking for me. I was best man at his wedding and I would be grateful if you would let me have his email address and phone number if you have it.

Some time ago I noticed that there was some information on my mother which was not correct, I will find it and pass it on for correction, if I may.

Extract ID: 5490

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Marek Konas
Page Number: 2007 10 12

Dr. Sanasardo

Great to see this site - I was born in Arusha in 1963 where my father - Vic Konas was a land surveyor from the early 50's until we left in 1970. I have often heard my mother - Henia and father tell stories about Dr. Sanasardo. I haven't been back, but intend to go in the next few years to see Arusha and Moshi (where we lived from about 1966). My dad passed away in 1998.

I am in contact with Jarat Chopra, son of Arjan Chopra (doctor) who used to have a coffee farm on Lake Duluti.

I was going through photographs, and actually found one of Jarat's 2nd birthday with Sarah Macaulay in it (now Mrs Gordon Brown!!).

Does anybody out there remember my father? As I am trying to compile a book that I can give to my son.

(PS for Chris Stylianou: are you the same Chris that lived with Istvan and bear in Port Elizabeth in the 80's - if so - how are you?)

Extract ID: 5491

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Lynne Norton
Page Number: 2007 10 14
Extract Date: 14 October 2007

David Naambyki paintings of Masai

When I was in Tanzania a year ago, I purchased a painting of the Masai by David Naambyki. I am interested in purchasing another painting and wonder if you might advise how we could see others of his work? Thank you.

Extract ID: 5492

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Adam
Page Number: 2007 10 19

include more details

i was doing a project about Tanzania and i need more detail about the languages, tradition, history, customs, food, i need you to add more detail within 2 or 3 days make it quick.

Extract ID: 5493

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: David Plater
Page Number: 2007 10 20

extract 5233

i recognise Solveg in the photograph - her surname was, i believe, Espegren. i'm pretty sure we were in the same class at arusha for some of the time.

Extract ID: 5494

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Diana
Page Number: 2007 10 26

im praying for tanzania

my ame is diana

I had a dream I was watching tv and I heard a voice that said really clear and very firm maji maji uprising

I dropped out in the 9th grade I really don�t have much education exept for what the lord has give me I didt know what this dream meant so I wet on the computer and looked it up and it had so much info on it about this war maji maji uprising

i pray for africa even though i know othing about it i live in ny in a poor area but u kow i am rich in GOD AMEN I PRAY THAT THEY WILL BE WELL AD THAT GOD BLESSES THEM I DONT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENIG THERE BUT I WANT U TO KNOW GOD KNOWS AMEN GOD BLESS U IN JESUS NAME AMEN DIANA

Extract ID: 5495

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: June Bugenyi
Page Number: 2007 10 30
Extract Date: 1976- 80

June Bugenyi. Arusha School 1976-1980

Hi guys, I am June Bugenyi and I was at Arusha School between 1976 and 1980. I was going through the internet and I came across this website and I was reading at the stories and I have been really touched�it has reminded me of the people whom I thought I will never ever see them..

My teachers- Late Ms Smith, Ms Heddles, Mrs D'Souza, Mrs J Musana, Mrs M Musana, Mr Kaale, Mr Mkombo, Mrs Enock�

My mates- Eunice Bilal, Malaika Feeley, Patricia Shango, Beatha Mworia

Not fogetting my team NORTH- I am telling you until this day I like green because of NORTH house in Arusha School.

I am currently in the UK working (has been here for about 2 and half years now�finished my Masters then desired to work here�still settling in. I do plan to go to Tanzania late this year or early next year and I will go to Arusha School.

Please may we keep in touch and share the precious memories we had when we were children.

Extract ID: 5496

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Shaun Conner
Page Number: 2007 11 01
Extract Date: 2007

Stuart Webb

I have just noticed on looking through the website, which I do from time to time, that in 2002 there was an email from Martin Davis who mentioned his sister Joan could remember a boy called Stuart Webb.

Well, some years ago when my Uncle Colonel Conner was visiting London from Nairobi for his Regimental Reunion, one of his guests was a Mrs Webb who used to farm next to my Uncle In Oldiani and yes, with her was her son Stuart who was then, and I assume is now, working in the City.

Mrs Webb was living in Chelsea in London.

Extract ID: 5497

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Dave Lichtenstein
Page Number: 2007 11 03

East Africa during colonial times

Jambo David habari yako.

I am having a grand time going through your Web site and I note that you are an EA scholar (with emphasis on Northern Tanganyika). Like you I am also a similar scholar (Googling my name will show some areas of interest) but I do not run a specific Web site - 'kazi mingi sana'.

I guess that with you living in the UK as opposed to yours truly Downunder, you have better access to EA colonial records than I do. I would be interested in addition to books which I can manage to obtain world-wide where you managed to access other non-book published material.

In the meantime keep up the 'kazi mzuri'.


Dave Lichtenstein

Sydney, Australia

Extract ID: 5499

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Dave Lichtenstein
Page Number: 2007 11 03

Stan Ulyate

Jambo David tena

You have a correspondent Anthony Harvey searching for Stan Ulyate. I think that I can help. We had a Stan Ulyate in my house Delamere at the Duke of York School. Likewise I could not help noticing the names of a couple of other Yorkists on the Mt Meru achievement board that you host somewhere on the Web site: Dave Dawes and Alex Koch.

If Anthony cares to get in touch with me I can put him in touch with Stan.

Kwaheri sasa

Dave Lichtenstein

Old Yorkist (1957-1960)

Extract ID: 5500

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Colin Tucker
Page Number: 2007 11 06

my father, D.E.A. Tucker, was a Customs Officer

I stumbled on your website via Google, and found it fascinating, though it doesn't overlap very much with my life. I was born in Dar in 1941, where my father, D.E.A. Tucker, was a Customs Officer, and left overland to Alexandria in 1945. We later returned to Mombasa, where we lived until 1951. I recently began to get more and more interested in my parents' life: they married in Morogoro in 1930, and that's the period I'm most concerned with - what was their life like there? (I stupidly, with the arrogance of youth, never quizzed them properly).

Anyway, I'd be most grateful if you could at some stage find some time to steer me in the direction of any sources of memoirs of that period. A tedious request, I realise, and I quite understand if you put it very low on your list of priorities.

Extract ID: 5502

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Hazel Redgrave
Page Number: 2007 11 10

New Arusha Hotel - item on eBay

Hello David, fascinating to read your pages, thank you for them. Just to let you know that there is an interesting item on eBay for the next three days - a lovely luggage label for the New Arusha Hotel. Just put Arusha in the subject box. It's really clear and looks very clean - you might just want to glance at it for interest.

I was at Kongwa, Mkwaya and Nachingwea from 1949-1957 - I was Hazel Miller then. Happy days! Kind regards, Hazel.

Extract ID: 5503

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Alex King
Page Number: 2007 11 13

Byrn Jones

I was at Arusha school 1963-66, we called him 'BL' and under our breath 'Bloody liar'. we were scared to death of him.

Extract ID: 5504

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Alex King
Page Number: 2007 11 13

Stan Fourie

Jambo!, Ivan Da Silva was at Tengeru with me (Alex King) and Pater Hamblin.

I was in Mr Goslings class with Mark Lott, Peter Elerby, Louis Van Royan (Spelling?)

My Mum taught there too Mrs King, its a real buzz to find this site.

Extract ID: 5506

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Alex King
Page Number: 2007 11 13

The teacher list is slightly wrong

S H King should be :-

S M King 1964-67 (My Mum now living in Altona, Melbourne Oz)

Extract ID: 5505

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: kim sanches
Page Number: 2007 11 14

I've recently been trying to help my dad, find some information regarding his father.

My dad (Ricky Sanches) was born in Moshi in 1959, and hasn't really heard or seen his father since he was about 2yrs old when his mother took him to england.

Unfortunately I don�t know is name apart from the surname Sanches. But I was wondering if you had any information regarding records around that time or even recent, with people of that surname. As I'm assuming its not very common one in africa?

Extract ID: 5508

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Fiona Musana
Page Number: 2007 11 14

Mrs. Walala's retirement

Hi Joyce , I was not able to follow up on Mrs. Walala's retirement. Please let me know. Any updates on the other teachers? Mrs. Ngaliyanguo? Mr. Kaale? Ms. Masinde? Miss Ngowi?

Greetings from Sri Lanka, where I now live

Extract ID: 5507

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Arshad Khan
Page Number: 2007 11 15

Richard Thorne page 2007 05 04 extract date 1938

My father Abdul Hameed Khan served with Richard Thorne in the Tanganyika Police Force. Both passed the Police exam together in 1929. I could exchanege some information with the sons

Extract ID: 5509

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Mark Evdemon
Page Number: 2007 11 26
Extract Date: 1948-1953

Tanzania names

I went to Arusha and Prince of Wales school with Bjorn (DATES AROUND 1948-1953).

Extract ID: 5512

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Susanah Howland
Page Number: 2007 11 27

Arusha and Tom Lithgow

My family and I are traveling to Arusha and the areas talked about in Tom Lithgow�s book, The Ngorongoro Story, and we will be traveling with Mr. Lithgow's son, Tom. How might I purchase a copy of this book as a gift for my husband before we come to Africa? thanks very much.

Extract ID: 5513

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Serena Almeida
Page Number: 2007 11 27

Donald Palmer Wilson

I just love your website - its brought me the closest to Donald Palmer Wilson than any other. He is a very close friend to my family. I never met him cause I left Tanzania when I was 10 months old in 1977.

Donald and my parents used to go hunting together - more about the bush camping than about the hunt really - in the 60's. I have head some tall tales about their time together. Last I heard he had moved back to the US.

I have been searching on and off for some time now until I stumbled on Robert's message on your website.

Did Robert find him? Is he well? I have moved back to Tanzania 6 months ago and his memories are so potent here. Please share my email with Robert and anyone else with info.

My name is Serena - I am the youngest of Tony and Joyce Almeida's 4 children. My Sister's name is Susan and I have 2 brothers; Sebastian(Sabby) and Sanford. We were based in Dar Es Salaam and 'Uncle' Donald was a huge part of the family.

If anyone can help�.

Good luck to you all. The pictures that you share here mean a lot to me too� its truly heart warming to be able to look at my home country in the old days.



Extract ID: 5510

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Maureen Claridge (nee Bailey)
Page Number: 2007 11 27

Roger Hubbert

Hello Roger,

My folks were great friends of your parents, Stand and Joan Hubbert. The kids 'were' Shirley, Laurie, Richard, Desmond and Maureen. I have quite a few letters from your folks to mine when they moved to England. In the letters were (amongst others) their concern about your stay in E.A. I would like you to contact me as I would love to send you the letters. - Maureen

Extract ID: 5511

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Arthur Conway
Page Number: 2007 11 29
Extract Date: 1968-71

joe newby

I lived in arusha 68 71 and used to teach Joe Newby to fly i also new your mother Lettie i think was her name i now live in toronto

Extract ID: 5514

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Arthur Conway
Page Number: 2007 11 29

george krokowski

I lived with the krokowskis from68 70 in Arusha I thought george to fly in the club cessna 150 aircraft

Extract ID: 5515

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: anoop nathwani
Page Number: 2007 12 05

arusha school 2009 reunion 75th year�

have you ever thought of having a reunion for the year 2009?

there are two groups on Arusha School,A R U S A H SCHOOL on facebook...which is the most widespread medium being used til date...

with the help of facebook i personaly have met so many of my friends...one being whom i just parted a day ago...and one being whom i had parted some 22 years ago.

we were all catching up on the time lost...and were wondering of a reunion in year 2009.

what do you have to suggest and what do you think about it?

please do reply as soon as you receive this mail...i think its an approriate time if need be for the reunion...with having in mind of only 25 more years to go for 100 years ,we can meet up with all the right people,organisation,for uplifting,re-establishing,and some sort of bringing the average standard of our beautiful school.

yours hopeful

anoop nathwani


Extract ID: 5517

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nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Geraldine Pallas
Page Number: 2007 12 08

Iringa grocery store

I am trying to find some information about my Aunt. When she first went to East Africa she was married to Peter Rose who was in the RAF later he was in the Ministry of Education.

She was know an Nan Rose. Full name Mary Ann Rohen Rose. There were two children, Susan Rose and Michael Rose. They divorced and she might have married someone by the name of Thompson.

Peter married one of the Polish Refugees named Kazimiera Bieniak in 1952. They had five children.

We have a reference that Nan was in the Iringa grocery store when it was run by a Greek couple prior to 1961 with the person we think was her second husband. Any informati0on would be gratefully appreciated.

Gerry Sue Pallas

Extract ID: 5518

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2007
Extract Author: Nadeem Haji
Page Number: 2007 12 12

Nadeem Haji Arusha school student 1992-97

Hi there, on my recent trip to Arusha, i visited Arusha school where i had been a student from 92-97. I am a frequent visitor to this website and love all the historic pictures and information of and around Arusha. I was wondering if you could post my pictures on this website since they are quite current (July 2007) and see how drastically the school has changed. The great tall trees and the amazing landscape around the school has almost dissapeared. The trees have been cut down for the local housing area. I was saddened to see how bare it all looked. anyways, will keep you updated.

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Extract Author: Naomi Wilson
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Arusha - the School - memories - the tortoise - Bill and Ruth Wynn Jones

My siblings and I returned to Africa after some 56 years last October.And what a memory trip it was.

We were all born at Arusha, and lived upstairs at the school with our parents Bill and Ruth Wynn Jones who you have so kindly included in your history - and for which I thank you.

Found the information on our parents so informative as a backgound for us - thank you.

You mentioned Dick Feurhead in you history - he was my godfather and was of course involved with the school. Just last year I met his wife Shirley - not having seen her for 56 years - she is living in Australia - and we shared memories of Arusha.

Found the tortoise that our father introduced to the schaool, and of course have 'the photo' straddled on its back. There were originally two which dad brought to the school. We were welcomed by the staff and went upstairs to our old home.

Found the pool (in need of repair) which dad cnstructed in the early days - the school in many respects is still the same as I recall it as a young child. My siblings - John Tim and Sue all attended the school - I attended as an overnight visitor many times when our father visited the school after he had moved on to Diocesan work as Bishop.

Was to have attended the year we returned to Australia after our father died. We visited the home our parents had purchased (with view to retirement) whilst at Arusha. No doubt Arusha will call us again not that we have been back.

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Extract Author: Dr James Eva
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James Eva - Arusha School - 1958-63

I lived at Geita gold mine near Mwanza from 1951 to 1966.

My sister Sheryl attended Arusha scool from 1957, and I joined her in 1958. We were there until 1963, after which she went to highschool in England, and I went to St Mary's in Nairobi.

During our time Mr Hampshire was headmaster, 'BL' Jones was vice principal (and in charge of sport and Meru-climbing), and a Miss Bailey was the fierce matron in charge of dormitories.

The old tortoise was already old (we said 100 years) back then, and I am amazed he is still around!

I was good friends with 'Schmedjie' Schmedgebakker, whose parents were Finnish and lived at Moshi, Mark Orr, whose dad was the gameranger in charge for Ngorogoro game park, Allan Sanger, an English boy, Rudiger Vogs, who, like me, came from Geita, and Robert Masimba, one of the first African children to attend the school.

I am delighted to find this very sentimental site. I will be taking my wife to visit Arusha in 2008.I am a very busy consultant Psychiatrist in Cornwall, UK, and have not until now spent the time to do that. Thank you for the reminder !

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