Dana Bloom

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Arusha Times
Page Number: 388d
Extract Date: 24 Sep 2005

Dana Bloom (left) with her husband, Robert Klein.(Photo by Raymond John)

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Arusha Times
Page Number: 388e
Extract Date: 24 Sep 2005

Dana Bloom who flew from Toronto, Canada to retrace her roots in Arusha speaking to journalists at The Arusha Hotel on Monday. (Photo by Raymond John).

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: June Thomas
Page Number: 439
Extract Date: 30 Sep 2006

I have first hand account of history of New Arusha Hotel

Dear Sirs,

I have just come across your articles written last year (24 Sept 2005) regarding a Dana Bloom from Canada - and the debate regarding the New Arusha Hotel.

My father - Ted Ulyate (now age 89) - son of Raymond Ulyate is very much alive - and if people are really interested in the history of the New Arusha Hotel Dad can give first hand account of events and clear up any problem areas.

By the way - as a child I knew Polly Bloom really well - and he and his family were friends of my parents - I also remember the name of Judah Bloom - both Mum and Dad still speak of the family.

My mother was the sister of the Arusha School (Kay Ulyate) and my father (Ted Ulyate) had a farm out at Essimingor and I am assumed that the luncheon parties mentioned in Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries 1953-7 was in fact lunches as my parents farm.

If anyone would like to contact my parents please let me know and I would gladly put you in contact.

Kind regards

June Thomas (nee Ulyate)

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