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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 16-17
Extract Date: 1957

Girl Guides ~ Gedi Ruins ~ Cubs ~ The Choir


At school we have Guides every Tuesday. Mrs. McClement is our Captain, and Miss Lovell is our Lieutenant.

Each Patrol keeps its own corner, and this year we have been winning points. Daffodil Patrol have the most. On Speech Day the patrol that has most points will win the Guides Shield.

Every term we go for a picnic. We have to cook and after lunch we play games. This year we went near Lake Duluti.

Every year we have to go to the Gymkhana Field for the Parade on the Queen's Birthday and also on Remembrance Day. This year we had a very special event, the Royal Visit of Princess Margaret and we all went to the Baraza.

I hope that Mrs. McClement will be our Captain for a long time.

Aspasia Aslanis 13 years

Gedi Ruins

One day when we were at Malindi we decided to go and see the Arab City of Gedi. The first thing we saw, was a monument with Arab writing on it. It was marked AH 802, which means AD. 1399. The city was enclosed by a wall of which very little is now left. The great Mosque of Juma can be seen, as the Royal National Parks have cleaned it. The Arab women of Gedi still go there to worship.

I liked the old trees that grow over the ruins. Then we went to see the Museum which had pots, bracelets, beads and big plates. After that we went swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

Phyllis Ulyate 11 years


This year, as the number of boys in the school of over eleven was small, the Scout Troop was discontinued and in its place we have an extra Cub Pack. Each Pack has four sixes and the peace ( ?) of the School's Wednesday afternoons has been shattered by not one, but two, yells.

Nearly all the senior pack have obtained their first star, some in the second Pack have done so too, and some twenty badges have been passed, mostly swimmers and athletes. At the close of nearly every meeting the Packs have combined to play some wide and very wild games.. `Mau-Mau and Police' still is the favourite though the `Macgregors and the Red Coats' rivalled it for a few weeks after "Rob Roy" had come to our local picture house.

For the visit of H.R.H. Princess Margaret, the Cubs paraded twice, looking very smart. First we helped to line the route on her arrival and then at the Baraza we again paraded as part of the Scout contingent. On the first occasion we had but a fleeting view, but on the second we were right in the front.

Miss Tighe, who has been in charge of the Second Pack is leaving us this term. We thank her for her help and wish her the best of luck in her life in New Zealand.



At the beginning of the year Mrs. Brewster selected a new Choir, consisting of fifteen boys and about twenty girls. Throughout the year the choir has sung an "Introit" in Church every Sunday. My favourite is "Lord receive us with Thy Blessing". We have also sung "God is a Spirit" and "Lead me Lord". In the third term of the year the choir had a new mistress named Miss Bassant. When the Princess came to the school, the choir was highly honoured for they sang a verse by themselves in the song called "Land of our Birth". Also before the banquet started in our Main Dining Hall, we sang a grace in Latin. It was one verse only, but it took several weeks to learn, for it was in Latin.


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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Sally Copp (nee Ulyate)
Page Number: 2009 01 22
Extract Date: 1980

Robin Ulyate

Robin Ulyate is my brother and Phyllis Gray is my sister.

Robin is now farming near Iringa after 30 years in Kenya. His wife Janet and son Otto are also there.

Michael Wood was Robin's navigator in rallies. Janet is his daughter. Mike Wood died many years ago.

There are no members of the family at West Kilimanjaro now.

Interestingly, my paternal grandmother Majorie Ann left Scotland in about1880 for Africa. I now live within 20 miles of her home. Moved here about 100 years later.

Phyllis Gray (nee Ulyate) has a dairy farm in Richmon natal.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Linda (Newby) van Rooyen
Page Number: 2007 05 13
Extract Date: 13-May-2007

Some whereabouts

Robin Ulyate is now in Iringa or thereabouts.

Eric Brown - postmaster at Sany Juu is still alive - 101 and going strong. Now lives in England.

Unfortunately not in touch with either, but know Robin's sister, Phyllis who is in Richmond, SA

Hope this was of interest.

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