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Extract Author: Nils Lundgren
Page Number: 2007 06 08

It was a great pleasure to meet you and your charming wife when I visited you and I have to say I would have liked to have spent a good deal more time chatting with you as you have obviously made T and Arusha one of your life�s tasks!!

I recall that the lady who sent you the 3 school magazines, Lise, had asked for any info on Ben Benbow who used to manage the New Arusha and the Safari hotels in the good old days and subsequently moved to Nairobi where he ran another couple of hotels until he retired to Attleborough in Norfolk- just outside Norwich, where he ran a restaurant for a number of years.

I am sure he has since passed away but I mentioned that one of his daughters, Sue � the younger of the two, still lived near there but that at that time I couldn�t recall her address. Well I have found it and if you wish to pass it on to Lise whom I think may have been or still is Lise Larsen, whom I also remember, with my compliments please do so.

[please ask]

I have not been in contact with her but obtained the info from a �Boma� reunion magazine last year. The Boma was the nickname for the Kenya Girls High School, in my time at Arusha and the Duck Pond or the Duke of York School in Nbi.

I don�t know where Sue�s elder sister lives, what her married name is or indeed what happened to her after they left Nbi.

As I said before, if there are any blanks anywhere in your info or someone is looking for a contact I may be able to help, although I have to say only to a limited extent with people, however with other details re Arusha and surrounds I may be able to fill in some gaps.

I will be looking at the school web site again shortly to see what else you have added since I last looked and hopefully there will be some new info on it. How did you get on with the Gordon Mumford school websites? Any luck in tracking any more former Arusha pupils down from them?

Once again many thanks for your hospitality and next time I am in Upton I would like to meet up again if you don�t mind. In the meantime if you haven�t already left for T have a good trip and if you have I hope it is all going well.

Salama Nyingi,

Nils Lundgren.

PS . I noted a comment by Linda van Rooyen nee Newby, mentioning Eric Brown�s 101st birthday � I am hoping to find out if he has just celebrated his 102nd when friends of mine who live in Bexhill on Sea where Eric lives go and call on the home where he resides. I haven�t heard from him for over a year now so don�t know what his situation is.

I also noticed a small �aside� of yours wondering about Erica Johnson�s age. As far as I can recall she is about ten years or so older than me � she was the youngest of the Lalle Eckmann girls and was quite a lot younger than Robin when she married him. I would be surprised if she was born in the 1920�s.

My parents would have remembered her age as they were good friends of Lalle Eckmann who was known as Bwana Simba because in his day he regularly came into Arusha with a couple of full grown lions on leads!! He used to own Simba Estate which was the farm next to ours in West Kilimanjaro, but had long sold it and passed away by the time we moved on to it.

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